Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beautiful Orphan

Beautiful Orphan For Sale $500 Milton-Freewater

I saw this ad on Craigs List just now, and I fell in love with this "orphan". I have an orphan, my horse Cowboy, and they are unique. Here's what the ad says:
Born 09/10/08, mother was purchased unknowingly in foal from Yakima Indian Reservation, she was 15.3 hands and colored the same, know nothing of stallion. This pretty little filly is now ready for a foever home committed to her well being. Call 714-235-1910


  1. She is so pretty, and looks like she's bursting with happy energy! I hope she finds a good home. Do horses often sell on Craig's List?

  2. She is a cutie! I saw her earlier too. Joanne - horses are listed under farm+garden section on craigslist and there are some there everyday.

  3. People use Craigs List to sale horses a lot around here, but I don't know how they're selling. I bought a horse that way--Cia. Another popular way, and maybe even better, is . That's where Shiloh found her horse, Cowgirl. But the best of all is word of mouth through friends, vets, and least that's what I think. I've come to the conclusion that a good farrier is as good or better than most vets and they usually have lots of horse-sense.

    If I didn't have 7 horses, I'd consider looking at this one. I'm a sucker for baby horses--especially Paints!! And orphans!!


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