Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beautiful Day with Beautiful

Here's Beautiful sunning herself in the mud. Thirty-four degrees and sunshine feels a lot like Spring. In fact, she's starting to shed off.

As you can see, she's no prima donna--she's a TRUE BEAUTY! (Go Billy from Lewiston, ID! But ditch the "murse".)

Here Beautiful has found a dry patch of dirt to lay on--she does this every day the sun is out! She's even pretty with a dirty face.

I went out and sat with her after I took these shots. I love sitting with horses when they're relaxing in the sun.

Beautiful loves to smell me--so almost every picture I have of she and I has something to do with sniffing each other. We call that kissing. I love her smell, but I can't imagine she likes mine. I think it's more curiosity. Here are some pics of the hay--the main source of food for them through winter. I use an alfalfa/grass mix, which keeps their sweet breath smelling of Spring all through the year.

I used to have four or five times this amount, but the supply has dwindled fast. I'm not sure how long this will last us. We may be looking for hay before the next cutting.

Here is their grain. I use whole oats. Beautiful didn't like grain, if you remember back to when I first brought her home. Now she LOVES it. I often surprise her with it, and I fed it to her through the really cold winter days. Now I'm cutting way back because the temps are increasing and they don't need as many calories.

This is the Allegra for the older horses. It smells so good-like tobacco and oats. I feed this to the older guys because it has good vitamins for their joints.

Beautiful is very curious, and I love that about her. Today while she was eating, I went over to take these pictures--I'm longing for the day I can get back on the trails--hopefully soon. Here are the bridles...

Here are the saddles....

And here is Beautiful watching my every move.


  1. That's a whole latte hay going on there. I love the pictures you post of Beautiful watching you so carefully. What a connection she has with you!

  2. She's looks so sweet! I like that she calmly lays there for you. My horse always gets up when he sees a person. It's like he's afraid to be caught in the down position, or something! ;)
    I think we are all looking forward to some spring rides!

  3. I agree about Billy from Lewiston and his "murse." Go Billy, go!!!!

    I wish everyone would watch True Beauty on Monday nights, but I don't think many do. Boo-hoo!!

  4. I agree, Joanne--I love the way she watches me. She's so curious and connected. I think Mustangs are more so than domestics even--they tune in more--maybe because they're conditioned to survival and deep bonding with the herd.

    I didn't know if she'd let me do that, Pony Girl--until a couple of weeks ago when she started sunning herself. I was like, hey, I'm going to see if she stays put and relaxed. I walked over, and she did, and she let me pet her. Since then I've done it a few more times and she seems to like the company. I'm impressed that she's so relaxed.

    For those who don't know what a murse is--apparently, it's a man purse! But we won't hold that against Billy! I'm with you, mom, I think it's a great show--it has some deeper meaning to it at least. I hope the contestants took the opportunity to learn things about themselves that will improve their "beauty".

  5. She has such a sweet looking face. Isn't it cool when they will let you approach while laying down? A couple weeks or so ago I happened to glance out and noticed Cody was laying down, I was surprised that he let me pet him for a moment before he got up. I hope spring comes soon! Maybe the horses know something because Cody has started shedding too.

  6. That would be GREAT if our horses shedding is a prediction of early Spring!!! I hope it's true.

  7. Love the photos. She has such a beautiful coat color!

  8. She's so pretty! Our mustangs, at least Scout, also really keep an eye on us, too~


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