Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Would You Like to Adopt a Horse?

Just curious--since there are several--33 to be exact--up for adoption up in Springdale, WA. They sure would love and appreciate a new mommy and daddy! Here are some pictures Pam Swiderski sent today. Just click on that link and email her if you're at all interested in bringing one of these babies into your family. She'll have her roads ready for people and trailers by this weekend.

I just had a thought when I was commenting over at Andrea's blog--and tell me if you think this is true--horses that have been this abused sure seem thankful when they're given food and shelter.

Lea said she's sick of snow pictures, and honestly, I am, too. But I thought some of these were funny. I'll share them with you.

My sweetie--I won the love lottery with my hubby! He's glued to that tractor plowing a way for me to get my horses! Woohoo! He got the Kubota for his 50th birthday last year. We joked that some guys get a new Porsche--he got a tractor! To tell you the truth--there are retired people all up our road and everyone of them owns this exact same tractor--it's like a Kubota commercial.
I took this picture of Jasmine while I held her. You can see Beautiful peeping over the top of the fence behind her--curious! Those two fight all the time. My hubby put a divider between their stalls--now they go out to the runs to fight! They're like true sisters.

Here's my girl, Cia looking over the snowbank at me.
Look at that poor pine tree--getting buried!
And this is photogenic Maggie. She is our beautiful Labrador Retriever. She herds the horses and is our constant companion.


  1. You always have great pics! Jasmin used to love Tug or Bandit but none of the girls! Guess she only likes the boys and wants to fight with the girls! She looks great!

  2. Ooooh I see a mare-foal pair I'd adopt if I could!!! Poor things. I hope they all find great homes where they get spoiled and pamperd.

    I think animals who are rescued have a different apprecition and love for you once you gain their trust.

  3. Great pictures. Keep 'em coming. Mom

  4. Maggie is beautiful! I love yellow labs!
    I wish I could adopt one of those horses! I am sure they are in heaven right now. I hope they can all find good homes!!
    I never get sick of snow pictures, LOL! :-) I love seeing horses in the snow!

  5. The starved horses I've fattened up have been so loving and sweet. I think they know you saved them. And they LOVE their food!

    It's killing me having to sit on my hands and not bring one home! It's so rewarding bringing them back to health. I hope there are plenty of loving homes out there for them.

  6. Your top photos are so sad, I hope the horses all find a loving home. And it looks like your husband is putting his new toy, er, I mean tractor, to good use this winter!!

  7. I don't mind snow pictures from other people, I just got sick of taking them myself so I am not until at least next weekend. Just me. Love your pictures. We would have to argue over who won the love lottery with their hubby. Bob does so much for me.

  8. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Carrie Aenk and I am the Director for The Shepherds Way Animal Rescue. We want to thank all of you for your support in this endevour to save those horses, the dogs, cats, and llama at Wellpenit. We met some awesome people that came out of the woodwork to help with the rescue, donate, and/or adopt.

    The Shepherds Way was involved to get the man to sign the horses over to us to save them and to assist in the rescue effort. We are handling NO money for this particular rescue. The horses are in the care, custody and control of Fantasy Farms/Pam Swiderski. The phone number given on this blog is to Julie Boehrig, yet indicated as my phone number.

    Julie has graciously set up a fund at Bank of America in Deer Park called the: Horse Rescue Alliance. Please do not send donations to The Shepherds Way Animal Rescue for the Wellpenit rescue. If any person is willing to donate any amount of funds for the Wellpenit rescue, please do so at Bank of America or call Julie at the telephone number given on this blog that indicates it to be my number. Julie has been an asset to the cause and the bank account set up for the reservation rescue is legit, classified as a benevolent fund so you can acquire a tax write-off, if you desire one.

    You all have been great and your support has been overwhelming. Thank you all.

    Carrie Aenk

  9. Lovely photos, and thanks so much for sharing the stories that continue to come out of the valley there, Linda.

    I've heard people say their horses are grateful, even long time qh enthusiasts who suddenly find themselves in love with their mustang partners after these competitions. But I think it's we who are grateful. We pour so much of ourselves into them...our time, money and energy...that we can't help but see them with love struck eyes. Not that the horses aren't happy to be fed, and some surely do form very loving bonds, but I don't think they feel gratitude in the same way that we humans do. That's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it :)

  10. Yeah, yeah, Tracey, rain on our parade. If I can hear my animals talk to me, just play along, kay? Ha ha...just kidding! I think I hear the voice of reason somewhere?!? Nah.

    Carrie--thanks for stopping by and getting the information correct. There has been some confusion on how to handle donations--that clears it up. To the bank! Pam was saying she has a hard time taking any donations--she usually just does it all herself--but 33 horses--OUCH! They could eat through 18 tons of hay (what she has put away) in a snap. And, she had some there already and more coming! I'm just so happy someone like her is willing to take them all in like that!!!! I couldn't do it. But I'm more than happy to help with what little I can.

    Lea--Life is pretty good if we have to argue over who won the love lottery!

    Thanks everyone for continuing to stop by and keep up with the story of the horses from Wellpinit--the more people who know, the better chances all of the horses there, and the ones who come in the future, have!

  11. I'll take a man on a tractor over a man in a silly sports car any day! I love that tractor.

    I wish I had the hay, money etc to take in more horses. I think I have to go back to working to take care of the ones I have. One day though. I have the room here and I dream of being able to take in horses who need help. It'll inspire me to start up my business again.


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