Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a Great Support Group!

Your encouragement earlier got me out there--plus, I was worried after I asked you to kick my butt if I didn't make it out there--someone actually would!

Arlene, you're correct, the ice does make it a little dangerous for them acting up, so I modified my plans.

Lucky me, she didn't give me hell when I went out to halter her. She walked away, but I kept right with her and calmly haltered her.

She then led to the barn and around that area--but slipped a bit on the ice--not much--but enough to make her insecure and pull back. Not wanting to end on a negative note, I stayed with her again, calmed her, and walked some more.

Then, I ended it with a grooming session where she patiently allowed me to work on those dirt tangles and pick her feet.

Do you remember where she rubbed off her mane last summer after I got her home? That is growing back--hog wild! And, I do mean WILD. I didn't crop off her entire mane when it happened, so it does look funky--but I'll even it out when it grows in enough to lie down. She will have a BUSHY mane some day--and it's double-sided.

Ice is not our friend. I hate it.

So, my plan is to do the same tomorrow, the next day and the next--all so that we have a pleasant experience with Mr. Farrier. Otherwise, if it wasn't for those feet, I would let her be until Spring--but she's not like other yearlings--she really reverts back to WILD if you don't get out there consistently.


  1. Ha ha, I encouraged you to be lazy. Glad you and Beautiful got thing's done. I will have to get out there and work with Wildairo now.

  2. Actually, you were right on about the ice! If it had looked like she was going to run around and be a buttkus--I would have backed off and called it quits.

  3. Linda - I will email you my address. I have an extra one of the Crum books as I ordered the same one twice (oops) - so I can send you that one! Or we can exchange them at the next MDH meeting!


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