Monday, January 5, 2009

Update On Spokane Horse Rescue

Thank goodness for people who care about horses!

A special thanks goes up to Pam Swiderski--in Springdale, WA. Pam Swiderski of Fantasy Farm Thoroughbreds, a wonderful woman with a big heart for horses, is heading up the rescue effort and keeping the horses at her farm. Please visit her site and email her a big thanks--her email link is toward the bottom. Or, click here Pam Swiderski.

I hope to go up to her place and meet her and the horses this Wednesday if the weather allows. I'll bring back pictures and more updates when I do.

Pam said that none of the horses they have now are in immediate need of vet care, so their present needs are:

Possibly Vaccinations
People to love on the horses! (She welcomes everyone to come help after they're all set up--which should be this Wednesday).

Tony Hamilton, a local farrier, has volunteered to trim all the horse's hooves!!! Thank you, Tony!!!! OMG, do they NEED it!!! (See pictures below).

The Non-profit Organization I belong to, Moms Daughters and Horses, has decided to contribute funds toward hay for the horses--wormers--and grain. If you would like to help us out, email us at with anything you'd like to give--10, 20, 30 dollars--whatever you can spare. If every one pitches in a little--it adds up to a lot, and maybe it will help ease the burden until homes can be found.

A BIG thank you to Shepherd's Way Horse Rescue--another 501C-3 organization that has been involved in this--and Pam Swiderski.

Here are their contact numbers if you'd like to get ahold of them directly.Shepherds Way Rescue. Call Carrie Aenk for more information: (509) 892-6707 or (509) 844-3499. Pam Swiderski of Fantasy Farms--509.276.7200.


  1. I'll send Pam an email, I'd like to help, even though it won't be much.

  2. Hello Everyone!

    My name is Carrie Aenk and I am the Director for The Shepherds Way Animal Rescue. We want to thank all of you for your support in this endevour to save those horses, the dogs, cats, and llama at Wellpenit. We met some awesome people that came out of the woodwork to help with the rescue, donate, and/or adopt.

    The Shepherds Way was involved to help encourage the man to sign the horses over to us to save the animals and to assist in the rescue effort. We are handling NO money for this particular rescue. The horses are in the care, custody and control of Fantasy Farms/Pam Swiderski. The phone number given on this blog is to Julie Boehrig, yet indicated as my phone number.

    Julie has graciously set up a fund at Bank of America in Deer Park called the: Horse Rescue Alliance. Please do not send donations to The Shepherds Way Animal Rescue for the Wellpenit rescue. If any person is willing to donate any amount of funds for the Wellpenit rescue, please do so at Bank of America or call Julie at the telephone number given on this blog that indicates it to be my number. Julie has been an asset to the cause and the bank account set up for the reservation rescue is legit, classified as a benevolent fund so you can acquire a tax write-off, if you desire one.

    The telephone numbers given (509) 892-6709 or (509) 844-3499 are not the numbers for The Shepherds Way Animal Rescue.

    You all have been great and your support has been overwhelming. Thank you all.

    Carrie Aenk


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