Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pics of the New Piano & My Son Gets A Record Deal

Here are the pics of my new piano. Wow, what you can get for a grand--a Grand for a grand.

At the same time it was being delivered, my son who I pictured in earlier posts with his guitar, called to let me know he got a record deal. So far, they've agreed to produce and distribute their bands (two-man) CD. I think I was more excited about that than my piano!!!


  1. Your Grand Piano looks magnificent! May it bring your world many, many hours of amazing music. And congrats to your son, that's no easy feat. Much success to him ...

  2. What a lovely piano. We gave ours to our church when we moved out here and I sure miss it. It was an older upright. Enjoy it.

  3. Congratulations for both your son's record deal and getting your piano!

    I always think about the history of pieces like your piano too. The people who played it all those years. If only it could talk!

    We're dealing with subzero temps here today. The mud has frozen into rocks and now instead of sloshing through mud, my horses are picking their way across rocky terrain. At least the stall area is staying cleaner! I sure know what you mean about the shavings and the mush you get when it's muddy.

    There's always one mudder in the group! Looks like Beautiful is it for your group.

  4. Your piano looks great! That is really neat about your son! Good luck to him!

  5. The piano is so beautiful! Sound IS the most important factor. I hope you get great enjoyment out of it!

  6. Are you enjoying your piano? I really miss mine, although I think I substitute typing for playing the piano! I just LISTEN to lots of music now! What kind of Spanish music do you like? Have you discovered Hevia yet? Come visit my music blog:


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