Friday, January 23, 2009

Mustangs on You Tube and CBS--Thanks!

From a blogger married to one of the Border Patrol Agents (reference comments section):

The mustangs looked beautiful in the parade! My husband, a Border Patrol Agent, trains and works with some of these mustangs everyday. He was riding Buck, the buckskin just behind Okanogan (at the front). We are very proud of the mustangs and the agents! For those who missed the B.P. Noble Mustangs in the parade, here are links to some footage:

U S Border Patrol in Obama Inaugural Parade
YouTube - U S Border Patrol in Obama Inaugural Parade

Border Patrol agents ride in inaugural parade
YouTube - Border Patrol agents ride in inaugural parade

Here is another link to a CBS story on Project Noble Mustang:



  1. great links, especially the one that CBS featured about the horses.
    Go Mustangs
    Thanks for the links. I found you linked over @ Spring Creek Basin Blog.
    Peace n Abundance

  2. Thank you so much for posting these videos. I'm off to watch them now!
    Jen (my finch feeder came from an Ace Hardware store - thanks for the recent comment:)

  3. I loved the CBS one! Lots of info! My two mustangs actually came from a prison program in Wyoming...They were only halter broke, though. They are very sure footed! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for posting the links on the Border Patrol Mustangs. I had been watching to see them, but evidently quit too early. Had to go out and feed my animals.

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  6. deserthorse5: I know the B.P. stations also get their mustangs from WY as well as CO. They are great animals.
    Here are a few more links if anyone is interested, or hasn't already checked them out: (MENTIONS ALL AGENTS RIDING IN PARADE AND THEIR BACKGROUND WITH B.P. . ALSO SHOWS PICS OF THE MUSTANGS THAT WERE IN THE PARADE.)

    This is a link to our local news channel in Spokane who ran a story on the mustangs going to the inauguration:

    If anyone is ever interested in a career with the B.P., please let me know and I will send you an info packet on it or e-mail w/info. It's a good paying job with lots of opportunities! Just think...working with mustangs and getting paid for doing it!

  7. please disregard that last link .. it should be: (CLICK ON BLUE BOX THAT SAYS "ALSO SEE" FOR T.V. INTERVIEW OF AGENTS THE MORNING THEY LEFT SPOKANE FOR D.C.)



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