Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mustangs at Inauguration

Here are some pictures I took from the television during the parade today. I hope more footage is released in the near future. The coverage was spotty on the station I had tuned into. I think these horses are Bullet and Okanogen of the Border Patrol, but I'll post more when I can confirm it.

Here's a picture of the Nez Perce Tribe marching in the Parade--the Nez Perce are world famous for the Appaloosa horses, and they are a local tribe.

#42, my cat, watched the first ten minutes of the Inaugural Address--completely tuned in. She twitched her ear over to the sound of my camera, but otherwise her eyes and ears were locked on to President Obama.


  1. Very cool, I listened to some of Obama's speech of work, but missed the parade. Your kitty is so cute, totally tuned in!

  2. I totally missed the parade. If I had known there would be horses, I would have taped it! Your kitty totally cracks me up (and she's gorgeous too).


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