Friday, January 9, 2009

Mustang Video KXLY--Book Giveaway

I've got to go out and clean stalls this afternoon--I'm just back from buying fresh woodchips. I'll post new pictures later afternoon and show you all what our lakes, now frozen, look like. Also, I was looking through my books today to find one for my husband, and I found another copy of Chosen By a Horse--I must have bought it a long time ago and set it aside. So, I have two copies.

I want to give the copy I found to one of you who have not read it. If you're interested in reading it, please comment within the next week and I'll draw a name for it--or if there's only one person wanting to read it, I'll just give it to that one person. You'll love the book.

Here's a wonderful clip by KXLY on the Mustangs from Spokane who are going to the presidential inauguration--please click on this link to see the video--you'll love it. I got teary eyed watching it, I was so proud. I've never looked this forward to an inauguration parade. My thanks to KXLY and the Spokesman for covering it--and my heart will go out with them all as they undertake a treacherous journey across country to get to Washington, DC.

Local mounted patrol heads to Inauguration

Story by:

Jeff Humphrey / KXLY4 Reporter

SPOKANE -- Ten Border Patrol agents from the Spokane sector are heading to Washington, DC to take part in the inauguration parade for President-elect Barack Obama.

The agents from the Spokane sector were selected because of their very unique mounted horse patrol. Border patrol agents have been riding horses for many years, but the Spokane sector is the first to harness the power of wild mustangs.

Rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management two years ago because over overgrazing problems, the mustangs make sure-footed saddle horses.

"The mustangs are uniquely built with the structure that makes them very durable and as far as getting into the mountains. They know their way around. They were raised in the wild," Assistant Chief Lee Pinkerton of the U.S. Border Patrol said.
Up until now, the Border Patrol had to lease its horses at considerable expense. The mustangs cost about $125 per horse, and they are well suited to the rugged terrain north of Spokane.

"We can go in places where we can't go on ATV's or we can't go in a vehicle. We can slip into an area undetected if we need to. They're a good deterrent as well," Agent Steve Kartchner of the U.S. Border Patrol said.

The success of the patrol's mustang program caught the eye of inauguration organizers, who invited ten agents to ride in President-elect Obama's parade. However, getting the horses there will not be easy.

"You gotta take them and let them out just like you do with children when you're traveling except they're a lot bigger that a child. You can't carry them to the next gas station," Assistant Chief Pinkerton said.

Agents are even carrying along a trailer full of hay just to make sure the mustang's diet isn't affected by their road trip. The men are looking forward to being part of history.

"Each one of these guys has made a career out of working the border and this is their chance to show the new president some of the tools he has at his disposal. We're very proud of it," Assistant Chief Pinkerton said.
Border Patrol agents say it will take about seven days to move their horses across the country.

If all goes well, Spokane and these mustangs, which are symbols of the west, will be well represented at the presidential inauguration.


  1. Linda, your dad and I saw this last night on the news and thought of how happy it would make you. It's wonderful and we'll watch for them in the parade.

    We also watched Broken Trail on DVD last night starring Robert Duval. They rounded up wild horses and took them to be sold to the Army. I really liked the movie.

  2. You have such great stuff on your blog! I love reading it. I wish I could write better! I am the queen of run on sentences and rambling thoughts! I would like to read that book and then pass it on!

  3. Wow, that movie sounds great. I love Rober Duvall.

    Tina--you write well too--I always go to you blog--you keep it real!

  4. I hope the media plays up the mustangs real big. The ones the BP ride are huge...have you seen them?

  5. Yeah, they look big. Do you think it's because they work them so hard--like they should be worked? It looks like muscle. And, they probably feed them REAL well, too.

    I also hope the media gets into it. Maybe we should write whoever is going to cover it---or all of them!! And, how cool is it that Obama's Inaugural people actually found them and asked them to participate??

  6. If I won the book, I would read it and then give it away on my blog like I am Hope Rising. It is on my horse book list. We have ice rinks too.

  7. Thanks for always posting the links about the mustangs in the news on your blog. I seem to always miss them when I'm watching the news. So I can just come here for updates!


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