Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mustang Training Support Group

I need help--motivation--accountability!!! I have a confession: I barely went to the barn this weekend. I sent my husband--my daughter--anyone who would go. Why? Because I was lazy, cold, preoccupied, sick of looking at messy stalls.

But the farrier is coming yet again and I need to get out there and make sure Beautiful is ready for him. Lately, she has been sour on getting caught and with all the ice, I got discouraged. I don't want to run her around an icey enclosure and have her slip!!

So, my goal today is to get out there and get her with no confrontation. I want to halter her with no effort. Then, I want to lead her on a long line around the barn and down the road a bit where it's not icey. I want to work on all of her bending, backing and possibly standing "tied". Also, I need to groom all the mud off her. Eeek!

She has been good with her feet--our issue is more about being caught and leading out of her enclosure. Our farrier has always worked on her in her area--but this time I want her out in the breezeway like the other horses. I predict she'll be distracted by the other horses--so I need to work on keeping her attention and not letting her fight with the others through the gates.

If you don't see a post that I accomplished all my goals by tomorrow, please kick my butt.

It was cold out there this morning. Below are some pictures of the horses eating. I've taken to feeding them outside of the barn. I'm trying to encourage them to stay out of the barn and move around as much as possible. There's less fighting this way. As it is now, some of the back run gates are frozen open--so there are three horses who can always come and go--and they kick the crap out of each other during feeding time. It scares me to death. So, this way works better.

These were taken by our new pocket camera--I acquired it to take with me to the barn and on rides so I always have one around. My other camera--the Panasonic Lumix Z18--is great, but bulky.

The new one is a Canon Powershot--and while I was at it I took a picture of my cool Equine necklace--retro-pottery--1970's. I hang it around this glass bowl.

Here's my two old guys--Red--29--Shadow 19.

I also wanted to thank Froglander at Mustang Dressage for the Lemonade award (Great Attitude/Gratitude) and Argo's Journey for passing along the Butterfly Award. Both have wonderful blogs about gentling Mustangs--one for dressage, the other for friendship--as Argo is an old stallion recently captured. I thoroughly enjoy reading both of their adventures as they travel life with their new Mustang companions--I think you all will, too! Thank you.

I'd like to nominate the following for these awards--and if you already have them--that's okay, too. This is just a list of blogs I love to follow--besides the ones I've already mentioned above:

Andrea at Mustang Saga--the one who really encouraged and inspired me to blog Beautiful's journey.
Tracey at Mustang Diaries--who's training of Steve Holt! should be an encouragement to all.
Kara at Must Love Mustangs--who has a passion for training and riding.
Nikki at Spidersweb--The Heart of A Horse Blogspot--also a big inspiration in my original gentling of Beautiful
Lea and her Mustangs--the 70 year old Mustang gentler, as I've referred to her previously on the site.
Desert Horses--a real inspiration and encouragement
Leslie at Hoofbeats & Pawprints--a down-to-earth animal lover.
Arlene at My Mustangs:Wildairo & Echo Who also has a big heart for the Mustangs--as you will see immediately when reading her posts about the two she has adopted this year.
Tina at Hayburner Acres--a friend and support with all the horses.
Debbie at Mustang Prairie Ranch--Debbie is the one who helped me adopt Beautiful at Ride the West.
Jessie at Jessie and Remington

There are so many more blogs I love--like the my non-mustang reads--The Serenity Room (my mom's inspirational blog), Whole Latte Life--Joanne--a horse lover and writer--and Pony Girl, who I've started reading recently--lots of fun. Actually, I've probably forgotten a few--but if you look to the side, my blogs--that is the list of blogs I check into at least weekly, if not daily. Enjoy!


  1. Good luck making it out to the barn! Bundle up good and it's not so bad :)

  2. Oh, Linda, I sure know what you mean about the frustration over the cold, the stall cleaning, not feeling so great and then knowing you need to be doing something with the horses but you just haven't got it in you. I've sure had my moments!

    Our ground went from mud to frozen rock peaks the horses have to pick over just to walk out to the field, and then the field is that way too. First time I can remember the mud freezing in this manner. I guess in the past the mud wasn't as turned up, when it froze so I didn't have all the mud rocks. This year, we had mud right to freeze. The horses churned it up instead of the mud getting flattened for the winter. So, I can basically only work around in the stall area, brush the horses and do small things with them. They are happy that I'm just out there I think, though when our temps are in the single digits, even with my Carharts, I don't last long.

    You are working with a clean slate in Beautiful. Everything is still new to her so she probably resorts back to her instincts, more so than horses who were raised by humans. I think, eventually, she will make you a great partner, but sounds like she will test you for a while,especially since she's young. Looking forward to seeing how it went today.

  3. I forgot to say thanks for the Butterfly! It's the first one I've gotten! I was thrilled.

  4. Congrats on your awards! I understand your lack of wanting to go outside in icky winter weather. I usually worry about my horse, so the worry drags me out there! ;)
    I have experienced (and still am) difficulty with catching horse had this bad habit before he was mine, and started it up again last summer! We're still working through it.
    I can't wait to see if you got everything accomplished that you wanted. ;)

  5. Having horses should be fun. Don't try to force yourself when it's too cold and icy or you are really not in the mood. They will be fine. As long as they have food and water they will be happy. There will be sunny days ahead when you'll want to teach Beautiful new thing's and you'll both enjoy it so much more.

    I have tons of work to do with my two colts and it makes me really worry, so I tell myself the same thing.

    Echo will suddenly spook and the thought of him slipping on the ice is a big concern for me too.

  6. Linda, thank you for your kind words about my blog! I have to get Scout and Cali ready for the ferrier. I worked with Cali a little bit over the weekend. HA! I picked up her feet while she ate her breakfast! Tee hee! She didn't even think to move. I slipped while holding Scout's front darn leg! It was my fault, and OFF she went! So, I'll work with her this weekend. I LOVE your blog, too, and visit it every morning! Have a good day!


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