Friday, January 16, 2009

Frost and Fog

I feel like I live on the English Moors. It's a great setting for The Hound of the Baskervilles or Wuthering Heights.

Some days, it's hard to believe I really have horses--or a barn.

Here are some pictures of the frost on the trees--blown sideways.

And, if you will, a toast to my son, Brook--who has followed his passion and been true to his calling. My hope for him is that he is able to do this until his last day--however many those will be--it will be a life well lived. Congratulations!


  1. Very cool photos. And congrats to your son!

  2. That frost is neat looking! But I'm sure you'd probably trade it for some sunshine.

    Very cool about your son's band. You'll have to tell us when the CD is available, I'd love to hear it. He looks like he'd play music I like.

  3. Raising my coffee cup in a toast to your son. How wonderful to see a young person living their choice life! Kudos to him.

  4. Thanks for all the congratulations! I will share his music when it's done. If all goes well, maybe there'll be something by summer. I sure love to hear him play!


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