Monday, January 26, 2009

Farrier Update

The day I stop blogging about Beautiful's farrier visits will be the day she is PERFECT! So, short of that, I'm going to keep blogging about the visits.

I had her go first today, and she haltered right up and was real sweet. I groomed and petted her until the farrier arrived.

Now, Beautiful has been a feisty thing all winter--a bit on the grumpy, bucky, rearing side--if you know what I mean. I used to be out there a lot during the Spring, Summer, Fall, but slowed down in the Winter--we've been getting back on a schedule of "being together." It has worked out well.

However, the farrier is not me, nor anyone she wants to "be" with. (Insert a big ha ha here.) It's not his fault--after all, she didn't even want to be with me much a couple weeks ago--why would she want to be with this big old guy with a box and a knife--nippers and a file?!? (Insert--Danger Will Robinson).

But he went to work with the usual confidence farriers have--that confidence that confounds all the rest of us. (Insert--um, excuse me, are you afraid of getting kicked down there?!?)

Now, I know my horse, and I know she did think about kicking him....but not seriously. And, mama was ready to bend her away at the slightest sign, but it went off without a major problem. My farrier did ask if she'd ever kicked me--she hasn't. Um, she kicked a friend of mine--does that count? (I wasn't there.) And, Beautiful's a smart girl--I don't think she really wants to kick a guy twice her size--that would be picking a fight she can't win.

He had a tough time getting her left back--last time it was the right back--so we've decided she's a one back only type horse--right or left doesn't matter--just ONE back hoof, if you please.

My farrier is happy with her progress--especially her hard-to-get backs. He thinks she's doing GREAT. Fronts are coming around quite nicely--with a little time they'll be looking good, too. He doesn't foresee any clubiness in that front right like we had previously.

And that, as they, is that--til next time!


  1. Linda - she is coming along great. I just have been awful about spending time out in the cold with the horses. Just feeding at night is my only time with them. Loved the sunshine though - am not complaining. The Mustang Club meets Thursday at 6 at Perkins, Mission/Argonne just south of the freeway. Hope you can make it. I will bring your book if you can.

  2. Sounds like she had a nice manicure going on there. :)

    Now am I on the right wavelength with your "Danger Will Robinson?" Are we talking Lost In Space, or am I completely wrong?

  3. Yes, definitely, Lost in Space--that robot that was always saying, "Danger Will Robinson. Danger."--and then the older guy, Dr. Smith--the evil agent--who was always scheming, would say the robot was malfunctioning so that Will wouldn't listen to him! So, I guess Beautiful would be Will, the robot, her conscience, and I'd be Dr. Smith?!? Yikes!

  4. Believe me, Lea--the cold is keeping me away, too--some days worse than others. It was so cold out there this morning--I didn't hang out too long--my fingers were frozen within minutes!

  5. How cold has it been? Sounds like she had a good day with the farrier. I guess the coldest it's been here was in the teens and maybe dipped down into single digits at night. But yesterday evening when I worked with Cody it was a balmy 32 degrees out, it felt warm! I am thankful for my trusty, insulated Carhartt coat that my brother got for me a few Christmases ago. Next time we need pictures :)


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