Monday, January 26, 2009

Do You Know Mustangs?

I saw this ad on Craigs List this morning--Do You Know Mustangs?

We have an exceptional mustang mare that needs to be placed with someone who knows these horses. She has "show stopping" beauty. She is taller than average and built like a brick house. She needs to be gentled by someone who knows what they are doing. She has had some handling and doesn't seem to have a mean bone, just uncertain and afraid. She seems to want to be with people but isn't sure how. Something holds her back. She could become a devoted partner for the person that she can bond with. If you think you are that person (or perhaps, know that person) email me for details.

Does anyone know which Mustang this is, and from where?

Off the subject, we had a relaxing weekend around here. We had my little sister, her husband, and my dog Maggie's full brother come for a visit. That was fun. Then, my husband came down with Bronchitis and I came down with a cold. So, we spent the rest of the weekend watching movies and reading.

Which brings me to my next recommendations: The first, a recommendation from my mom which we took her up on---Broken Trail. This is a Robert Duvall Western about a couple of men, uncle and nephew, who take a group of Oregon Mustangs to Wyoming to sell. Along the way they rescue a group of Chinese women who have been sold into slavery. For all of us Mustang people, you'll find especially interesting that they start around Burns!

When I was out piano shopping, one of the women selling a grand was the author Louise Freeman-Toole. I didn't recognize her name, but it sounded familiar--so I googled her and found her memoir about working on a cattle ranch in Hells Canyon--which just happens to be my favorite subject, having spent the last twenty-five years of my life there.

She writes about so many of the same things I've experienced--it's a beautiful memoir--which I'm only half way done with. I'll write more after I finish.

And lastly, I'm usually not much of a tv watcher. We have them in our house, but not in the main living areas. I find them mostly obnoxious-time-sucking-life-wasters. Though, in moderation, they are quite entertaining, and when you're sick, they're especially useful.

This weekend we watched, on the internet, ABC's True Beauty. The reason it caught our attention is because there is a contestant from my old hometown of Lewiston, ID competing. I don't know him, but just the fact that he's from there--and there aren't many people on television who are or ever would be, is intriguing.

So, the kids and I watched the last three episodes to catch up and plan to watch the 4th tonight at 10:00. It really was FUNNY and the underlying message of the show, "true" beauty, is great.

In case you haven't heard of it or watched it--they take ten "beautiful" people and tell them they're going to be in a beauty contest--but they don't tell them how they are really judging it--by inner beauty. They bring in actors throughout the show to be in need of kindness, help, forgiveness--then with hidden cameras, they film the contestants to discover if they do what is right.

At the end of each show they kick out the one in the group who was the least kind, gracious, helpful--but they do it in a private room so that no one else in the group knows why or how they were removed--they keep assuming it is all about outer beauty.

And finally this morning--I have a farrier appointment in about an hour and Beautiful is on the docket for a trim. Wish me luck!


  1. First, I'm so glad you watched Broken Trail. It's one of my favorites.

    Your dad and I are now watching Return To Lonesome Dove, in the evenings. It's kinda long like Lonesome Dove is. It's high quality like Lonesome Dove, also.

    Your dad and I watch True Beauty every week and we're so proud of our Lewiston's "Billy." I think he's doing a good job, so far. Hope he wins!!

    The book you mention sounds good. I may buy a copy and read it.

    Hope Mike and ALL of you are feeling better.

    It was 4 degrees when we got up this morning!!!

  2. Yes, Billy (from Lewiston) is doing great! It's fun to watch him.

    It was about 4 degrees here, too. We just got back from the barn with the farrier--COLD. My toes are froze, my fingers are froze.

  3. I emailed the people with the ad for the mare. Like I need another project... But I do know someone who is looking for one, so maybe we can get them together.

  4. Oh good, Andrea. Keep me informed--I'm very curious about where they got her, etc. I hope it goes well--sounds like a nice mare.

  5. Hi Linda, The horse in the ad sounds so hopeful when they say she wants to be with people, but isn't sure how! I hope she finds a home.

    We're the same way with tv, a little here and there, or when we're too tired for much else. Hope your hometown friend's inner beauty shines through!

    And love the name of that memoir, it says alot - Standing Up To The Rock. Very empowering. Enjoy!

    And last but not least, thanks so much for your thoughts last week. My daughter is feeling better each day, but it was such a serious accident, she still has sad moments. As do we all, while at the same time are sooo thankful she is okay otherwise.

  6. I hope that mare finds the right placement.

    I'm not into TV either but you're right it can be helpful when sick. I have seen True Beauty and while I think that Billy is hot looking, he's had a cold heart in more than one situation. It will be interesting to see how this turns out, since all have had their issues with conscience and empathy.I, too, approve of the message on the show.

  7. Hi Joanne--it's good to see you're back. It sounds like your emotions about that experience are complicated--I'm sorry you had to go through anything like it--but happy to hear things are getting better each day.

    I told you about my daughter's friend--the horrible other side to such an event--she is leaving for her funeral in a few minutes. It has really shaken our community and her highschool class. Tragedy is the only word I know to describe it.

    If there is an "up" side (I almost hesitate to use such a word in this case) it is that she became an organ donor after her father died in an ATV accident last summer--and four people will live because of her donations.

    My heart breaks for any mother who loses a child--all I can think is there, but for the grace of God, go I.

  8. I have Broken Trail but haven't watched it yet, still getting through Comanche Moon!
    I think that book sounds great, I will see if I can find it on Amazon. I did a book tag on my blog of another one you might enjoy- "Starting From Scratch" by Alice Gleason, about a woman dude rancher in the 1930's.

  9. Rising Rainbow--I agree about Billy--he hasn't been perfect either. Do you think all his winning is going to his head?!? Tonight will be interesting.

    Pony Girl--I'll check out that book. I need to watch that movie, too! I guess I kind of skipped ahead, but I didn't know it was part of a trilogy until reading about it this morning on Amazon. It doesn't seem like it has anything to do with Lonesome Dove.

  10. Hope someone finds out about the mare. I would e mail about her but we MUST thin down. At least that is what Bob says. Do you suppose he would notice. Have seen that movie. Loved it. And I am not a movie person.

  11. I LOVE Broken Trail! Great movie! Glad to hear about Beauty and her progress. I need to work with Cali!


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