Friday, January 2, 2009

Cabin Fever, Abused Horses Rescued, & Farrier Visit

Feeling irritable, sad, depressed & TRAPPED??? Could be the dreaded CABIN FEVER!

How to tell if you have cabin fever--Spokesman Review version
Rebecca Nappi

The Inland Northwest’s relentless snowstorms may be adding to normal winter blahs. The symptoms of cabin fever can include irritability, sadness, depression and anxiety. And some people who feel trapped lack the energy to plot ways to escape that trap......blah blah.

How to know if you have Cabin Fever (my version)

1. You're on your fourth pot (40th cup) of coffee and now have to use your nose to type on the keyboard.
2. You've ordered 3 sets of Sham Wows!, several of the Obama gold coins, and a lifetime supply of Urine Gone.
3. You've memorized all the Abba songs from the Mama Mia soundtrack you got for Christmas--worked up a sweat swinging to The Dancing Queen, and now you've started playing it backwards thinking you hear messages from Pierce Brosnan.
4. Anyone want to add to this list?

************Farrier Update*************

Today the farrier came. He was scheduled at 10, but showed up around 9:15--he's always early, but I was ready for him! He only had three horses to do this time, as he has started splitting them half and half--a system which I love.

Today was Cowboy, Red and the pony's turn.

My little pony--as I brought her out, I commented that I have soooooo far to go with her, but then I remembered last year's trim where she shook like crazy when the farrier went to trim her hooves. Today she stood there without a shiver, just a little wide-eyed and cautious, and I thought well, it's small steps, you know? And, if she can stand there that good while this big, tall guy trims those feet--she deserves KUDOS. Here's a picture of my little Jasmine.

Cowboy's hoof, which was in a bar shoe for over a year to cast his broken coffin bone (P3 fracture), was severely contracted. Today, after having been out of the bar shoe for almost 9 months, his hoof looked almost back to normal. If anyone ever has questions about broken coffin bones--please contact me!!!

***********Snow Update************

Picture of our barn today--look at the snow on top! Speaking of roofs.....

When they told me the Walmart roof had collapsed and it was closed down until further notice--no big deal....

But when they said the COSTCO roof collapsed and it's closed until further notice.....
Call in FEMA!!! How does one get food if there's no Costco?

***********Horse Abuse/Neglect Spokane Area*************

Warning: Graphic Photos taken from the Spokesman Review--please don't read further if the images of starving neglected horses makes you queasy or mad enough to hit someone! Thanks to the Spokesman for covering horse stories regularly and keeping the public informed about these neglect cases!! Please go to their site and leave comments to let them know they're appreciated. Click on this link for the story.

Apparently, these horses were so hungry, they ate through the wood fencing.

How anyone could let a horse's feet grow like this?!???. Thank you to the volunteers who are working to help these horses!!!

Here's a bit of the article, click above to get the full length version.

A man living in a truck on the Spokane Indian Reservation agreed late New Year’s Day to give up 33 malnourished horses, some with open sores and overgrown hoofs.

Horse advocates hoped to have some of the horses moved off the property near Wellpinit on Thursday night

If you'd like to help with housing the horses, hay, vaccinations, farrier, blankets, grain or vitamins, please call 509-258-7110 (Shepher'd Way) or 509-258-7590 (Fantasy Farm Thoroughbreds).


  1. Jasmine looks so good! You have been wonderful for her - thank you!

    The starving horses make we want to hurt someone. That is just ridiculous to let any animal get in that condition. Some people need to be starved so that they know how it feels.

  2. I'm truly sorry about all the problems with the snow... BUT I laughted until I cried at your humor!!! Now I need a tissue.

  3. Of course, I was just kidding on most (not all) of that, but Mike and I really do want some ShamWows!

  4. Cabin fever around these parts doesn't usually set in until sometime in February. Very funny symptoms you listed, I'll keep an eye out for them.

    Do you have a way to get some of that snow off your barn roof? Some type of snow rake maybe?

    Stay warm, and good luck with the cabin fever!

  5. Oh...those poor horses! How is it that people like my poor friend, Cheryle, lose their horses tragically while others who don't give a rip seem to be able to keep them alive despite their best effort to kill them by starvation???

  6. I loved todays post. Little pony is just adorable. The snow humor was priceless. Terrible about the neglected horses. Hopefully they get the help they need.

  7. Linda, I have been having trouble leaving you a comment. Think It was my computer though. I need this one rebuilt or a new one but the budget does not allow that. And I would like to afford something besides dial up. Love your insights into your horse. Love your humor. Take care. This snow really does get to me. I wanted to ride today but at 3 degrees I am staying in.

  8. To think, maybe these same people have raised children too!
    Poor horses.

    I loved the photos of Beautiful playing. She's living up to her name. When I see my mustangs bucking I think I'd have to be crazy to ever get on them. Echo can buck really high and he keeps it up for ages. Foxsun never played that much when he was two.

  9. Hit someone? That is an understatement! How did this man end up with 33 horses? Sickening.
    I am glad your barn roof is holding up well! The roof collapses terrify me. I've even locked my horse out of his run-in shed temporarily, until the snow melts off the top. I could see the roof bowing from the weight!
    Oh I love that cabin by the way! So cute! Unless you're trapped inside for days, LOL!

  10. You've really got hit with the snow storms this year! I guess all I can say is, Wow!

    Loved your humor about the cabin fever! If our Walmart was closed for an emergency it would be like cutting off oxygen to many folks here in Southern Ohio. We don't even have a Costco so I guess the Save-a-lot would get the business.

    Adorable Jasmine!

    So sad about the abused/neglected horses. The suffering can also be seen in their eyes.


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