Thursday, January 8, 2009

All Aboard, the Pineapple Express!

We've all heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish for", but no where is that more proven to be true than right here in Washington state.

Please, please make it STOP snowing. And POOF. We got upper 40's and sunshine and, uh oh, FLOODING. Please make it stop flooding!! Hmmmm..what will we get next?

Here are some pictures of Western Washington from the Seattle Times--they have it much worse than we do here.

I'll get some pictures from around here tomorrow. It's amazing how fast the snow went away. The berms are still there, but much of the snow in the fields is gone. The roofs are bare--a good thing. The horses are in some sort of lakey mush.

We got our tractor stuck in that mush last night, and today we pulled it out with the truck. My husband was trying to build a barrier between the barn and most of the melting snow, which he did fairly well, but got stuck in the process.

Our snow melted so fast, we won't be responding to this recent ad from Craig's List--

"4 Brand new snow shovels-never used-email for pricing 20"-27" D grip handles contact for pricing." (Ha ha, can't imagine what they'll be priced at since no one in Spokane has seen a snow shovel for sale in 3 weeks!)

Do you want a baby goat?

While I was on Craig's List, I happened to see this ad for goats, and don't get me started on goats. I LOVE them--especially my bottle-fed goats. That's a whole 'nother story. I LOVED this picture. This family gets them all ready for you--raises them inside, dehorns them, vaccinates and everything else.

Why buy if you can rent?

Ever thought about leasing a horse? Not a bad idea given the expenses involved--but you should probably have a clear contract before you get in too deep. This one on Criag's list looked like a good deal for someone.

Oh, just in case you're not watching the nightly news--the pineapple express is the warm wind from around Hawaii that blows over us every winter and melts our snow--temporarily.

Off the subject of weather--did anyone watch the Patrick Swayze interview last night? I thought it was great. I appreciated his wisdom about really living rather than "chasing" life. And, did you notice he's a horse person? He said he's going to spend his last days riding his horses out into the mountains--Happy Trails, Mr. Swayze!!


  1. I love pineapple and all....but this is a little much! I feel so bad for all of those people who are flooded out. I just hope they don't lose any animals or livestock.
    I watched the Patrick Swayze special. Of course I bawled. I was surprised at how much resolve and strength he has. He has already lived longer than expected. There might be something to that "fight" attitude! I love that he has horses, too!

  2. Oh, gosh! I missed his interview! You should be down here. It will be clear and in the 70's! BUT...we will get Santa Ana winds up to 60 mph.

  3. Oh my, what's worse? The snow or the flooding? I hope it all clears out soon for you. And yes, I think goats are cute, too. But I'm not too sure about being in the living room ;)


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