Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Pictures

This one is for Joanne one of my favorite non-horse bloggers, who takes wonderful pictures of front doors all over New England, and has a giveaway going on right now that you don't want to miss(Barnes and Noble GC). I ran outside just for her, in the 5 degree cold, and snapped this shot. On closer inspection from the warmth of my home, I realized the wreath is crooked and part of the lights and poinsettas in the garland are falling off!

This scrawny little tree is a flowering plum (in the summer--in the winter it's a scrawny little tree). There weren't any trees here when we bought the property--so we planted about 20. It looks better at night when you can see the lights, but not the size of the tree!

Our dog, Maggie--Labrador Retriever, barn cat, and horse herder all wrapped into one.

Remember 42? She's the cat from the cruelty case here in Spokane. A woman hoarded 85 cats all sick and in horrible condition--some with broken bones. It was sad and sickening. Poor 42 still has a cough that acts up now and then, and as you know, she lost her little sister to a coyote. Now she's an inside cat who walks to the barn with me every morning.

She's a cutey--and has the personality of a dog.

This is the view of Mt. Spokane out my back door. We love it this time of year because it has snow on top.

The barn this morning--when we woke up it was 3 degrees. Yesterday Beautiful's automatic waterer froze and we spent the day fixing it. It's cold out there! (Beautiful's story continued below).

Here's my latest Beautiful story: She's trying to steal my husband. Yesterday, when I'd go to pet her, she'd put her ears back at me--like, no, I don't want you. Then, she'd walk over to my husband and nudge him. She did this several times all day when we were out fixing her waterer. Hmmmm....

Here's Cia taking her winter roll---washing off the dirt from the mud we'd had previously. The horses get cleaner and cleaner every day with this snow. Oh, and their manure is frozen in their stalls!! Yippee-three cheers for sub-zero weather!

Here are the horses in the snow storm from last week. You can barely make them out.

These are just DANGEROUS--dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Need I say more? Someone stop me!!!

Never underestimate the simplicity of fake poinsettas. I buy them by the truckloads and stuff them into every vase in my home. Makes it look like I labored all day when really it took about 5 seconds to cram them in there.

Our Christmas tree. We always go with a fake one because I grew up with artificial and they're safe and clean. I burn a pine candle to get the pine scent. Some people don't like this--real trees are very important to them.

See the angel at the top of the tree? Years ago when I was teaching--I think I bought it 17 years ago--one of the ladies brought in those paper angels to sell. I bought two, and that one has topped our tree ever since. (It's ratty, but still in one piece).

My kids take turns putting it up there each year, and for the first time, my fourteen year old son was able to place it on the top without a step stool.

It's the little things that make Christmas special.


  1. I just love the pics.

    Can't believe the cold weather you're having and all that snow. Of course, dad and I live in the "banana belt" and it's a warm 16 degrees here. We do have some snow on the ground and I'm loving it.

    Your cookies look good, too. I'm baking some this afternoon.

    Christmas blessings, Mom

  2. Linda, at least your horses can go inside. I am not happy with Dwane for not getting going on my lean to. He has half the supplies :( anyway we did build a wall for them to get out of the wind. Love the other pics! You are always on top of these things! I just got my tree out yesterday (we do the fake thing, Dwane is allergic) I like it that way, no messes to clean and don't have to worry about it drying out!

  3. Mom--glad you enjoyed the pictures and that you have a little snow down there. You're quite a bit warmer than us--I think we're up to 11 here now. There's no wind--which helps--and the sun is out and shining bright. Got a little more Christmas shopping done today--found a great deal for the White Elephant at TJ Max--LOVE that store!

    Tina--that wind break will really help! I didn't realize you had the materials for the lean-tos!! That's a bummer they didn't get up, but isn't that always the way with things--we put them off until the last minute and then it's too late. That's how we didn't get automatic waterers last year--they sat in our garage the whole winter!!!! Don't do you much good in there. LOL.

  4. Linda, you make me laugh. Your doorway is beautiful, I'm glad my pictures inspired you. And the rest of the pictures are great, but even better is the drama going on there at your home. Beautiful is turning into quite the flirt! That nudging story is straight out of a soap opera ... And thanks for the poinsettia tip, will definitely try that, but where do you find such realistic poinsettia? Now, that teaching story. My daughter is starting grad school for education this spring, so we're curious about your teaching background. What level did you teach? Gosh, I wrote my own blog post here instead of a comment! Have a nice day.

  5. Joanne--that's wonderful that your daughter has chose a teaching profession--the schools need more good teachers!!

    My major was in Elementary Education--and I graduated in 1990. I had my first son at that time, too--so I pursued subbing positions--(they tricked me into a long-term 2nd grade sub--the teacher just never returned--then the same thing happened again with a Kindergarten class). My interest was more toward Middle School--6th-8th, but I kept going lower--eventually working my way down (or up, depending on your perspective) to preschool.

    Then, I had my daughter and took more time off, coming back to run an afterschool program. I did that for a few years and loved it because of the way it worked with my schedule and raising kids.

    Eventually, I went back to college (as teachers are always required to keep recertifying and there was yet another course required by the state)--but I made the decision to go full time, get my English certification and take lots of Creative Writing--and somehow, got the job as my college newspaper editor--a paid position--in 2002-2003. (Which helped subsidize my schooling and was great fun and lots of stress).

    Whew! I hope your daughter's career doesn't take so many twists and turns!! My life has been anything BUT predictable!

  6. Linda, your house and your barn are just beautiful! And Beautiful resembles her name. I love that picture with her neck arched like that. 42 has neat ears.

  7. Thank you, Andrea. I also think Beautiful is really "beautiful". Your Mustangs are gorgeous, too.

  8. Love your pictures Linda. I did not venture out today. Am kind of stuffed up and won't have it. We did go to a grandsons band concert this evening. Nothing like 5th and 6th graders playing their instruments. Ryan plays the trombone.

  9. Linda, great pictures! Love the mounatins! We have a Maggie too, she's a Blue Heeler. Great story about 42, lucky cat and adorable!
    I'm going to make some gingerbread men/womein cookies and some choc chip in the next few days. Need to get some supplies though. Your cookies look delicious and festive.

    Yes, it's the little things that make Christmas a special time. I totally agree!

  10. Linda, well we have 1/2 the materials, the main brace posts that need to be put in, and all the tin. Could have at least got the braces in and built a much better wall with that! Oh well the wall is helping and they all have their blankets! -10 at my house this morning but no wind, felt like at least 10 degrees out :)! Beautiful is very pretty, very neat little horse. I need to come out and meet her in person!


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