Monday, December 29, 2008

A Snowy Desert (With Ice Underneath)

It's like the Sahara Desert, but with snow! Wind drifts blow snow, like sand, across our pasture. Winds were 40 mph today when we took this picture, and this was after Mother Nature deposited 8 more inches of snow from morning until noon. (She's got a wicked sense of humor this year!)

Coming home tonight, my husband lost sight of the road. The wind had blown so much snow onto it, it looked as if they were driving through the farm fields. He had to retrace it by memory. There were abandoned cars and trucks all along the route--and some being towed out.
Here we go, this is more like it....

Darn...a mirage.

Oh yeah, reality, more snow.

From the Spokesman--Weather Update
From Spokesman Review Click to follow link for full articles:
Today’s storm dumped 8 inches or more in the Spokane area and set a new all-time monthly record for Spokane.

Gusty winds blew over the region in the wake of heavy snow, closing Airport Drive between U.S. Highway 2 and Spokane International Airport.

Wind gusts of 52 mph in Pullman, 46 mph in Coeur d’Alene and 41 mph in Spokane were reported before nightfall. Winds were to subside later this evening.

Meanwhile, today’s snow storm shut down area libraries, City Hall and Community Colleges of Spokane early.

Temperatures above freezing in Spokane allowed for the heavy snow to get packed down by traffic and turn into a thick layer of slippery compacted snow and ice.

Another Horse Story.....

Heroic Rescue of Abandoned Horses

MCBRIDE, B.C. – Two frostbitten, emaciated horses were recovering inside a warm barn on Saturday thanks to volunteers who spent the week before Christmas digging the animals out of snow in the mountains of northeastern British Columbia.

Birgit Stutz said Saturday the rescuers cheered when they finally finished digging a half-mile escape route through the snow for the animals. The horses had been abandoned by a hunter.

Stutz said the horses eagerly accepted being bridled and seemed to know they were safe as volunteers led them on a seven-hour hike down the mountain in freezing temperatures Tuesday.

Stutz said about 40 or 50 people took part in the rescue over the course of a week.

“It was a big effort,” Stutz said.

Stutz said the horses were discovered on Dec. 15 by two local residents. They were above the tree line and had no shelter at first.

Logan Jeck and a friend stumbled across the horses while out looking for some snowmobiles left behind by tourists who had gotten stuck during a trip to the back country on the side of Mount Renshaw – about 750 miles northeast of Vancouver.

At first, the young men thought the most humane thing to do would be to shoot the emaciated horses to put them out of their misery.

“They went up to assess the situation and to decide whether they were going to shoot them or give them hay. They decided they had enough life in them so that’s when it all started,” Stutz said.

Over the course of a week. a growing number of residents trudged up the mountain with shovels in hand to dig an escape pathway through 6-foot-deep snow.


  1. We were just watching the news and saw that Spokane had been "hammered" again. Glad Mike's alright.

  2. omg, it looks like the surface of another planet over there! I haven't seen that much snow in ages. Like the mirage going on there, cute. And great new photo on top of your blog, we've decided it looks like it's straight from a movie!

  3. Mom--Yep, he made it home safe--that's the power of the Dodge RAM. (Cut to music).

    Joanne--thanks for commenting on my new header. After the Pickens plan, I was left wondering what good I do Beautiful, and I realized she does me more good--and that picture tells the tale--I'm grateful.

    On a sour note--the snow--I used to love snow--I think I've been cured. Ha ha! Let's hope for an early Spring!

    Maybe this is what Mars or Jupiter's moon, Europa, looks like. :):):) I hope things are better where you're at!

  4. I saw that article in the Sunday paper. We didn't get one today and probably won't tomorrow either. That is my morning extravagence. Bob brings it to me and I read it in bed. We tried to go to Medical Lake to the book store and slid off along with about a dozen others. You could not see the road and so many slide offs it was like an obstacle course. A friend came and towed us out - we had our big truck too but playing dodge car he just got over a little too far. It was an adventure but we came home and I watched his little girl so he could go and pull people out and make a few bucks. Great pictures.

  5. Oh no, Lea--if you were on Brooks Rd., you may have passed my husband!!!

    How sweet is Bob??!!?? He brings you the paper in bed, for goodness sake!!! (I'm going to go tell MY husband!!!).........

    Well, I went and told my husband and he wants to know if you make Bob breakfast? Hmmmmm...breakfast=newspaper in bed. I get the picture.

  6. Linda,
    That horse rescue story is so heart warming! Horse lovers are just the very BEST people. I hope they find the jerk that abandoned them and put him in jail.


  7. I hate to tell you this, but the snow pics are really pretty! I know you don't like it, but here in the Southern California desert, we don't have snow (except up in our mountains) and your photos are beautiful! BUT...I sure wouldn't want to be in it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  8. I have a friend in Spokane who emailed me pictures of all the snow. Record setting! Insane! Isn't weather just weird sometimes?
    That abandoned horses in B.C. story just touched my heart. Why do people have to do stuff like that? I guess I can't assume everyone loves horses they way I do. If they did, such a desperate act wouldn't even cross their radar as an option, despite dire times. It makes me wonder what they were even doing with horses in the first place!! Grrr!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Joy--I agree--it was pretty cruel to just leave them back there like that!!

    Cheryl--you can have our snow!! I used to love it--but not anymore!

    Pony Girl--Yes, we've set a few records, unfortunately! I'd like to set a new one for earliest Spring!


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