Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She's Young and Feeling Good

Oh, my little Mustang got wild again. (It's her age--babies are full of it).

A month of doing what she wanted, when she wanted, and picking on the pony, made her too big for her britches.

Mama (me) went into her stall to groom her, and she gave a little warning kick out with her hind, then ran out of the stall in a hissy fit. She proceeded to run, bounce and jump around her enclosure--which is quite large now--like a snow bunny with hooves.

I must admit, I was impressed with her new found athletic abilities--the larger enclosure has done a lot to get her legs under her---maybe too much.

When I'd approach her, she'd rise up in front about a foot and strike at the air, then turn her butt, buck up, and run.

Wish I'd had my camera right then, but it was soon over. I closed off her stall to keep her from getting back into her food, and pushed her around the back end of the run. Eventually, the game wasn't so fun anymore, and she licked her lips and let me approach and halter her.

She's still a big baby. And I have to say, she's gorgeous--really something to watch.

I'll take out my camera again tomorrow and see if she wants to play. She has the farrier coming Friday, so I need to get her under control!

The picture I have is after it was over and she was back in her stall.

Oh, someone said they heard on the news that Spokane has gotten more snow than any other place in the U.S.

And, there was a headline this morning in the paper that the bad weather is driving people to SMOKE! Anyone got a cigarette?


  1. LOL...it's probably driving them to drink, too!

    I want video of that little hissy fit thrower of yours. No such thing as being too athletic. I'm anxious to see what she looks like come spring. I'll bet she's really turning out to be a looker!

  2. Come spring, she will truely befit her name. I saw that in the paper this morning too. I had to laugh. It took long to quit to start because its snowing. Bob has spent all day on the tractor plowing people out.

  3. I have to say, she is BEAUTIFUL. It's funny how they are--they really earn your respect--make you remember their power and how lucky you are they don't kick you every darn day!!!

    Lea--tell Bob not to work too hard--he needs to do that snow ride I'm waiting for!!! I hope you're out there with a camera--and I hope he does it in a place where there's no ice underneath. The good thing is, he'll have 4 or 5 feet of soft snow to fall in if he gets thrown.

  4. Maybe the snow brings out the child in her! How do you react when Beautiful plays like that? Do you have to move away until she settles, or do you move in and get control?

    Happy New Year wishes being sent your way!

  5. Happy New Year, Joanne.

    Since I haven't been out with Beautiful as much, she's got a strong herd mentality--she's a little different than my other young ones. Having been wild, equine instincts are much stronger in her than my domestics--and a month of relatively little contact, seems to have put her back in her training. So, I did step in because her "playfulness" was also a challenge to me.

    I didn't get upset or scared with her antics--I stayed with her, pushing her, keeping her away from food and the comfort of her stall. And, I brought back the ten foot arm--the bamboo pole--so there was something touching her--the bamboo pole is an extension of my arm, but it's harder for her to get away from it.

    Then, finally, I brought the halter back in and she settled down enough to accept it.

    You can see in the above pictures, though, that her body language is away from me at first. They love to breathe into your nose and have you breathe into theirs--it comforts them--so I did that, and then she came into me me more and eased up.


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