Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pictures of What Play Looks Like

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

And Happy Birthday, Beautiful!!! You're 2!!
(All horses turn one year older January 1st)

Pictures of Beautiful at "play"--though it's true, too, that through "play" dominance is established. So, she's feeling good and challenging me. After all, she is turning 2 tomorrow--a big girl, right?

You're back for more?
Watch this!

Back in the stall for a little rest--you forgot to shut my door!
Okay, I'm rested. I've got some more entertainment for you!

Why ya down there taking pictures of me?
Time for a roll in the snow.

So, Beautiful has tapped into her "wild-side". Maybe the snow, maybe the herd being in the barn more, me being out there less, maybe all of the above--but she's concerned about establishing her place in the pecking order--as if she's in training for her eventual release with the others and she's showing off for them.

I was taking pictures most of the time, but I did eventually put the camera away and get down to business. I haltered her and worked on her bending away, backing, and leading forward. I tossed the rope around her and rubbed it all over. Then, I groomed her and went to stand in her stall--keeping her out for a while.

I think her behavior is so funny--part of her youth and wildness--but I take it seriously, too. After all, the farrier has to be underneath her, and unless she's under control, I'd not ask him to put himself at risk.


  1. Love the new pictures. I feel like I've been there with you. Mom

  2. The pictures where you got down low and gave an expanse of blue sky behind Beautiful are just amazing. A little wild in the horse, and the skies, too.

  3. She's really filling out, and she is definitely beautiful. Love the action shots! And I like how happy and relaxed she is afterward too.

  4. He, he! She's REALLY having fun! I let Sunni and Beauty out into the arena yesterday (no snow). So, what did they do? Yup. They both found the biggest pile of manure and rolled in it! Beauty really wanted out. She was prancing in her corral. I let her out and she ran and ran and ran! Silly girl! Thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving such a nice comment! Take care. Have a safe and happy new year!

  5. Thanks for all your feedback. I'm going out today to put a solid divider between she and the pony. I think the negative interaction betweeen them is making Beautiful feel like she has to defend herself and be aggressive. They're constantly kicking at each other through the bars.

  6. Linda, your pictures are wonderful. You are so wise about the farrier. She needs to run like that and stretch her muscles too. All part of growing up.

  7. Beautiful pictures, and what a lovely horse! Do you mind if I ask what kind of camera you use? Does it have a wide angle? Some of those shots with the clouds and the sky were just lovely!

  8. Andrea--I forgot to respond to what you said about BG filling out. Isn't that an amazing amount of density change? I think I blogged about that before--though it's still shocking to me.

    Lea--that's a good point about her need to stretch those muscles--maybe it will help that contracted tendon.

    Pony Girl--Thanks for the compliments. I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18. And yes, it does have a wide angle. It also has an 18x optical zoom--so I can get those close ups of the coyote. LOL. I love it. Now they have the Panasonic PZ28--which is like mine but takes 13 pics consecutively just bang, bang, bang--so you could capture those running and bucking shots!

    It is a bit bulky though, so I carry a light weight camera for trail rides.

    Happy New Years!

  9. Wow! Great pictures! Love the snowy background with the blue sky but I'm sure that much snow is a pain at times.

    Great you are taking time with Beautiful. She'll be a better partner in the long term. That's what I did with the 2 year old I bought back in 2004. He's turned into a special guy! Now, we need to work on the riding part!


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