Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Virus

Tracey at Mustang Diaries gave me her virus just before Thanksgiving, so here it is for everyone else to get infected with, too! Anyone who wants to answer these questions, please do.

1) Where did you go riding this week?
2) Your most embarrassing moment on horseback.
3) What's your favorite piece of tack?
4) Do you collect anything horsey?
5) What's your least favorite aspect of horse ownership?

1.) I haven't rode this week because of Thanksgiving. I did ride the week before with my husband. We went to Palisades Park--one of our favorite spots. Unfortunately, my horse was tender-footed because he'd had his shoes taken off that week. I ended up walking him about a mile or so home while my husband enjoyed his pipe from horseback.


2.) My most embarrassing moment was not on a horse, it was on the ground. When I was 18 I didn't know squat about training horses, but I didn't have any money either. Not a good combo. There was no internet back then, so I did what all of us old people did--went to the library. I checked out a book, read it, studied the pictures, and VOILA--I thought I was ready.

I went out to the barn, tied up my little colt, put a blanket and saddle on him for the first time ever, walked him to the big barn, tightened the cinch again (I may have done this before I walked him), and untied him in the arena. Hmmmm...not good. He started walking, realized there was something on his back that made him uncomfortable and he started running and bucking all over the place. A normally gentle colt went bezerk.

And, to make matters worse, he had apparently blown way up when I'd last tightened the cinch because it became loose and the saddle rolled under his belly!!!!!

I was mortified and scared to death when an old cowboy, who had been watching, walked over to save the day. His name was Johnny Rynearson, who has since died in a very sad circumstance. He knew horses. He walked into the arena and got my horse to stop and stand still. Then he went over and gently unsaddled him.

After everything was under control he introduced himself and asked if I would like help. He trained horses in his spare time and would do it for free (after I told him I had no money)--as long as I did the work and he just instructed. I think we met out there four times before he cut me loose, but by that time I was already riding the colt and well on my way. Here is a picture of that horse when he was young.

Right after I bought him. He looked pretty bad--but he shaped up--he was a grandson of Quincy Dan.

Later in his life--2 year old

3.) My favorite piece of tack is my Billy Cook Roping Saddle made in the 70's. I love it! Got it from an "old cowboy"--like all of my good training, wisdom and tack--when I say old cowboy I always mean someone who grew up with horses on a ranch and has that ranch wisdom and common sense. Here's a picture of it.


4.) Do I collect anything horsey? Oh yeah. I collect horse sculpture and art, but on a budget. I've found most things on eBay. Here are a few items:

Nancy Glazier--Audacious--bought it because the horse reminded me of Cowboy--my fave ride.

A Russian piece--early 70's.

Another Russian piece.

Tim Cox--loved the scene.

Bought this goofy little horse when I visited Sienna, Italy.

Found these at Coldwater Creek.

Coldwater Creek-birch bark piece.

5.) My least favorite aspect of horse ownership is $$$$. I wish I had more of it, or things were cheaper. Since we bought this place in the rough--we need everything and it takes time. I especially want better fencing and an outdoor arena. That's the only bad thing I can come up with--though in my heart of hearts I could have said cleaning stalls. The reason I didn't is because cleaning stalls, though it seems drudgery, is actually a good time for me to reflect on life, be with the horses in the barn, and stay in shape.

Happy Trails! Hope someone else catches the fever next!


  1. 1. Where did I go riding this week? BooHoo, I did't.
    2. My most embarassing moment on horseback? Well I didn't stay on horseback. I was at a horseshow riding my paint mare and something scared her and she bucked, I mean BUCKED and I went off in front of God and everyone.
    3. My favorite piece of tack? Actually I have two. My Circle Y saddle that Bob got me for Christmas about 10 years agol I am not sure it fits Dixie too well but we are working on padding it up so it does. The other is a thingy that goes on the bridle where the brow band attatches to the headstall. It is about 2" across and has a rose in it. It is glass and about and in thick. It was my grandmothers. I finally took it off my bridle because I was afraid I would lose it some time.
    4. Do I collect anything horsey?
    Of course I do. I have stuffed animal horses. I fight Skeeter for them. He tried to run off with them. And I collect little horse statues. Have some from when I was a small child.
    5. My least favorite aspect of horse ownership?
    Like you Linda stalls are not bad, my back sometimes thinks so but it is time to think about the horses and what they mean to me. My least favorite though is when I can't get out and do things with them because I get too busy or the weather is nasty.

  2. 1. Where did I go riding this week? I didn't weather too bad.
    2. My most embarassing moment on horseback? Junior Rodeo going through the poles, lost my stirrup, I yelled, and then could her my dad screaming at me from the stands, I cried for a long time over that one!
    3. My favorite piece of tack? My bridle from Sam for Willow and my grandpa's saddle
    4. Do I collect anything horsey? A little bit of everything. Anything horsey I like to buy, if I can afford it :)
    5. My least favorite aspect of horse ownership?
    I hate hauling hay!

  3. I don't like bad weather and I don't like hauling hay--so I could put both of those on my list. Thanks for sharing those things, Lea and Tina!

  4. 1) No riding. I usually quit even trying this time of year. It's cold. I'm a sissy when it comes to cold. We have mud, no roofed dry arena, just muddy landscape. Which of course means as soon as I groom the horses, they run out and roll in more mud! I have my horses on 24/7 turn-out with a run-in barn area.

    2)Embarrassing is when my saddle rolls to the side while I'm riding. UGH! I have a fat horse. haha If I don't use the breast collar and we're going down hill, and my balance is off, well, there I go!

    3)Favorite piece of tack right now are the biothane sidepulls I recently bought. The horses are responsive to them and I prefer riding with a sidepull when possible.

    4)I have quite a few Breyer horses. I enjoy the smaller Stablemates more because they're easier to display. Most of my collection are Paints. I also have lots of other horse related items adorning my home; pictures, decorative plates, our dinner plates, mugs, to name a few. My oldest son said I've turned the house into a horse shrine!

    5)Least favorite aspect would be keeping a hay supply. I probably worry too much, but I always want to have plenty. We just don't have a big building to store it in.

    Sounds like you have a nice place to ride. Love seeing Cowboy! I'm partial to Paints/pinto markings. He's beautiful!


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