Friday, November 14, 2008

KXLY Story On the Plight of Horses

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For video, click here Video "Some horses led to rescue, some led to slaughter"


  1. Hard topic. Difficult to know the answer about what is right. Only so many can be saved but it does seem there should be some kind of consensus as to how to tackle the problem humanely. I suppose many people don't see horses the same way as those of us who have horses in our lives. Makes their lot in life easier to handle.

  2. I agree with you--what is most humane? I don't like the slaughter practice at all--for cows either. It's better to kill them right on your property than ship them off in cattle trucks--feed lots--then the slaughter process itself. There's all kinds of problems with it.

    Horses, even MORE so. We made a societal pact with these animals that they be used for transportation, sport, therapy, etc., and we've bred and raised them that way. They do their job and they're part of the family. So, in my opinion, it's even worse to ship them off like that among strangers.

    I heard there was a guy in Lewiston this summer who had 25 horses and lost his job. He tried to sell them, and finally took them to the auction, but wouldn't let them go to the Kill Buyer. So, he took them home and had an excavater come out and dig a big hole. He took each one in and shot them, then buried them.

    I was horrified to hear it, but then I thought well--it's better than the slaughter process--and it's better than letting them go in the wild like a bunch of people are doing. So, now I respect his choice.

    This is an emotional issue, and these are just my thoughts. I don't want to offend anyone.

  3. 25 horses are a lot of horses to try to feed if they are depending on one person keeping their job.

    Over breeding has to be discouraged somehow.

    I couldn't watch the video because thing's like that really upset me, but I read the comments on the KXLY page. It's very disturbing the AQHS encourages breeding and supports horse slaughter.

    I notice that breed is starting to resemble beef cattle as well. When those big horse ranches have sales, it's for dozens if not hundreds of young horses. There is something very wrong with that.

    No horse should ever go to slaughter. I plan to work on stopping the practise of exporting horses for slaughter.

    Horse breeders should have to pay a hefty fee to breed to discourage the overbreeding and the hopefully eliminate backyard breeding. If there was a one thousand dollar fee to breed a stud, many people would stop their hobby breeding. Hobby breeders should raise the animals they breed and not try to sell them. The whole horse industry has to be regulated.

    You have to have regulation to stop humans from their greedy evil ways.

    For the sake of the horse, humans have to be controlled first.

  4. It does make you wonder what the answer is. I mean, breeders are usually in the business to make money--so if no horses are selling, you'd think they'd stop breeding. The price of hay and land/board may weed out bad breeding all by itself. (I hope).

    But good horses will always be in demand.

    I think if there was another alternaltive for people to get rid of their horses without having to pay to euthanize--($200??) and dispose ($200??)--maybe they would take it.

    A friend of mine said Cat Tales is backed up for months and isn't accepting anymore horses. But if some volunteer organization would help.....except volunteer organizations don't want to have anything to do with putting horses down. No one wants to think about it because it's HORRIBLE. But the alternatives appear to be worse.

    If you lost your job and house and couldn't pay for your horse, you'd hope there'd be an alternative for you rather than letting it starve.

    Would any of you believed we'd ever be having this conversation?? I remember the day when hay was 75/ton for grass and maybe 80-90 for good alfalfa, and that wasn't long ago--just a few years. Overnight it went up to $200 plus per ton--I paid $245 a ton to have it delivered.

    Arlene, you do have a big heart for horses and I believe you could shut down the export slaughter business!


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