Monday, November 24, 2008

Goat Scare & Other things

What a busy weekend around here--playing. On Saturday my husband and I went to the Christmas Craft Show at the Fairgrounds with some friends--then to our neighbor's 70'th birthday party. Sunday we went to the Holiday Wine Tour and then to the play, Together Again for the First Time! There's a lot to do in Spokane when you're not riding horses.

Now we're turning our sights to Thanksgiving!

Oh, another thing happened yesterday--my husband found the DVDs I had made from our old home movies years ago. I couldn't find them--but they showed up as he was cleaning out his desk. So, I popped them in and went down memory lane.

A lot of life happens, doesn't it? My head was spinning by the time I stopped watching them and went to bed. And, I had mixed feelings. Sometimes I looked at the young woman in those videos and thought, "Wouldn't want to be her again!" But on the other hand, I sure would like to have the chance to do things over with what I know now.

Life looks so different in hindsight.

The pictures above are my horses coming in. Whenever they see me, they hope it's time to eat--and as you can see, there's nothing left in their turnout. I've closed off the lower pasture so that they don't tear it up, and they're slumming it in the back, rocky one.

One of the pictures shows our cat watching them as they make their way to the barn. She's like a dog--#42. Cowboy, the paint coming at me in front, walked right up to the camera and stuck his nose in it and then continued on.

Oh, and they tried to kill the goats the other day at dusk. The babies were following us out to fix a fence and Cia started playing. Her play was mistook for danger by the lead geldings and they came running to save her. Pretty soon the whole herd was stomping and kicking, trying to kill the goats. The poor things barely made it back under the fence with their lives--with me running as fast as I could--SCREAMING like an idiot to get them to stop. I was MAD.

And, that is about the time our new neighbors showed up to meet me. LOL.

Perfect timing.


  1. Great pictures again! Nice looking herd.

    I shut off my main pasture for good last week. I innocently let the boys out there one day, after I'd already decided to close it off. Our rains and muddy weather finally moved in. When I let them out, they had a big time jumping, rolling, bucking! Then, Lucy, our little hound mix, decided to chase the horses and they chased her. In turn, the field got all torn up. UGH!! So, no more Nice Mom! They aren't going to sweet talk me into letting them out there until dry spring arrives.

    Glad the goats got out with their lives! We have one of those cat-dogs too. At least your neighbor will remember which one you are!

  2. The neighbors showing up as you were screaming - Isn't it always the way? :)

  3. Yes, and then you're flustered and you say a bunch of things that don't make sense, and they leave either offended or very confused. :):)

    I know it's difficult to keep them off the larger pastures in winter. My husband is soft-hearted about it and likes to let them in--but they do tear it up this time of year so I prefer to keep them off. The rocks are good for their feet, so I think of it as foot therapy.

  4. Don't new neighbors show up at the worst possible times. If I don't get dressed first thing in the morning someone comes for sure. Poor goats. Our horses don't bother them but the donkey does.


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