Friday, November 21, 2008

Go Madeleine!

After I saw Madeleine Pickens' plan for the Mustangs, I felt a little sorry for Beautiful Girl having been adopted and missing out on being free again.

Then I remembered, if she had stayed at the BLM pens, she would have been permanently lame and euthanized. So, it was not to be for her.

However, I'm so happy for all the other Mustangs in holding who get to be released--probably in Wyoming or Montana (where else can you get a million acres?). I want to be there the day it happens.

In fact, I will be there the day it happens. Why don't all of you meet me there!

And for everyone wanting to adopt one, this will be your best year to do so. After those 30,000 are gone, it will be much more difficult to the get the Mustang of your dreams--and probably much more expensive.

Happy Trails, Mustangs!


  1. I was thinking Nevada. We will see won't we?

  2. I'm feeling a bit bad for Echo and Wildairo as well because they could be regaining their freedom with the other thousands of horses. (I can't tell anyone anymore that I saved their lives.. oh well, lol)

    Yet, I also feel very lucky to have adopted two mustangs while they were still available.

    I knew the wonderful Mrs Pickens would do the right thing because she loves animals and is so wealthy she can do what we only dream of for animals.

    Alls well that ends well.

  3. Yeah, my husband says Nevada/Oregon--right back where Beuatiful came from. That is desolate area down there--a good place to buy a million acres. It'll be fun to see how it all unfolds, and I'm serious about being there during some of the releases! What a historic event--FINALLY!

  4. Arlene--It is amazing, isn't it? That someone could come in and do this? The right person at the right time, apparently. And, I appreciated that she planned to build cabins and what not--so people could go there and EXPERIENCE wild horses. Why didn't anyone else ever think of that?? You always see other wild animals in large parks--but never horses. I just hope the BLM has a better management plan for the future--and I'm little curious about how Madeleine's team will keep the population of her own wild herd down. It will be fascinating to watch. I'm excited.

  5. I still appreciate all that Madeleine is doing, but I worry that this will open the flood gates for the BLM to just clear the Western States of all the Mustangs. The BLM needs to be seriously revamped and brought under control. When Ron Harding first started managing the Kiger Herds in Oregon, he turned back the ones with the most desirable traits, to strengthen the gene pool. The BLM n longer has an eye for what should be turned back out, they just want to reduce the numbers to "0".

  6. Yes, from what I understand they did that with all the HMAs--breeding for different traits in each area. I agree, they need to do the same thing and develop the horses so that they're more adoptable. You have a good point about the BLM wanting to reduce their number to "0".

  7. I agree. They seem to want to get rid of ALL mustangs! I would, however, LOVE to see mustangs running wild and free again, even if it is on an enclosed range. At least she's offered to do SOMETHING! Maybe we should all meet there and watch them running?

  8. Let's do it. Let's all meet.

    You know, I'm surprised to read how many people have bad opinions of Mustangs and over-estimate the difficulty of training one. They also assume only novices want to adopt Mustangs. Why is that? They must be basing this on a few people they've heard of, rather than the serious Mustang owners out there.

    I'm so glad Lea worked to get Mustangs part of the Washington Horse Association. We need to get out there with our horses and actually compete so people can see what they can do.

    I've NEVER been interested in that kind of thing--just trail riding and fun stuff--but for the reason of promoting Mustangs--I just might do it.

  9. I loved Madeleine Pickens' attitude. Rather than fight the ranchers, she became one! Excellent move. And I think you were meant to adopt Beautiful Girl, for some reason you may not even be yet aware of. But already look at the lives your story has touched, mine included. I'd never have known a thing about the plight of the Mustang without reading your blog. There's a purpose for your relationship, most definitely!


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