Thursday, November 20, 2008

Debby Jackson: BLM Volunteer

The role of the BLM volunteer in getting Mustangs adopted cannot be overstated--Debby Jackson is proof of that.

If not for her, I doubt I would have come home with Beautiful last May. As you all know, I was at the fair to work another table when I found out about the Mustang Auction. It was my first chance ever to see one, so me, my daughter, Shiloh, and my friend, Katie, closed up shop and went on an expedition to find them. It wasn't too hard.

The moment I came around the corner and saw them in their pens it was like the heavens opened up. But instead of thinking, I want one--I was thinking--wow, all the lucky people who are going to bring one home--I want to watch.

I had no intention whatsoever of adopting a Mustang. I had six horses already, and their food bill had sky-rocketed. I had turned down several very good domestic horses because of a lack of room.

In steps Debby Jackson: BLM Volunteer. Oh, she told me her stories about her Mustang--and how wonderful it was to gentle her--trail ride--how many she'd had--how great they all were.

If she'd talked to me just a little bit I would have left and not thought much of it, but she was right there the whole time asking which one I liked, keeping me updated on the amount of bids (or LACK of bids), explaining to me how easy it was to adopt one, how capable I was of gentling one, and as you know, all of her 'splaining worked, and I adopted Beautiful Girl!!!

Well, Debby didn't just abandon me after I adopted her--she has emailed continuously, checking in with me, inviting me to rides. She's a good example of why, if we want to help Mustangs, volunteering with the BLM is a great way to help them find homes. Also, helping people afterward--like Lea who is heading to Rathdrum Friday to help with the Mustang who hasn't been gentled yet.

If we want to help Mustangs, we have to help each other--and help the BLM.

Here are some pictures of Debby and her 4 year old Pinto Mustang, Wendy, from South Steens. The Bay Mare pictured in the last two shots is Scooter, a 9 year old domestic born, trail riding Mustang who needs to find a new home. If you know of anyone, let me know and I'll give you Deb's email.


  1. Wow I love those pictures! What pretty horses. Does she have a blog to? ;)

    What would we do without other mustang enthusiasts and volunteers? I had a moment where I got stuck with Tabasco and Shoni and ended up contacting a wonderful mentor who taught me a thing or two and lended me that extra support I needed.

  2. I wish! (Debby make a blog, kay?) Yep, Beautiful wouldn't have got gentled so fast and easily without all of everyone's help--including you Nikki!!--and she probably would have had mental "issues." LOL.

  3. I don't feel very experienced yet, but I'd love to help out volunteering with the BLM and mentoring other adopters. I need to contact the BLM and get my name in with them. The mustang enthusiast community is a great one to be involved with!

  4. Beautiful horses! I wish I weren't 3 hours away from our nearest BLM corral! But, we always stop by Ridgecrest and feed the mustangs there.

  5. Thanks so much for putting my horses on your Blog. You did an excelent job. I now have a blog and it took me all day to figure out how to do what I did. LOL Well you can look at my new bog. Sence I am new to this it is taking me awhile to get around and find things. Thanks again. Check out my blog.


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