Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beautiful And the Long Line

Well, today was Beautiful's first session on the long line. My farrier said to start treating her like a "horse" as soon as possible (was I treating her like a *cough cough* baby?).

Hmmm...when you a treat a horse like a horse, guess what--they act like a horse!!

So, what did Beautiful do?

She decided she wanted to come in with her ears back (have I spoiled her??? Not me.) I flippped the rope in her face to push her back, then she kicked up at me (I swatted her with the whip lightly). Guess what? She started going around in circles like a cultivated young filly.

Then, #42 came in and started chasing my dangling long line. She thought it was a cat game and got out in Beautiful's circle. Beautiful proved she had BRAKES. SCREECH! She came to a stop, and I kicked the cat out of the roundpen.

I see children's book written all over this. Does any one draw??


  1. You? Spoil Beautiful? Oh my, how could you not! Love this story, def a Children's book. Wish I drew, would love to collaborate.

  2. How sweet, the way Beautiful loves her kitty. Mine chase the cats away. :(

    What a good girl she is, and I'm glad she's got a good firm mama like you to tell her to behave!


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