Friday, October 17, 2008

Update on Beautiful Stocking Up

When I went out this morning, Beautiful looked about normal. I'm going to go back out later and walk her around some more, just to make sure she's putting weight on the back feet like she should.

Also, my male farrier is coming next week, and he couldn't get her back legs last time, so I'm going to pick up her feet a lot this weekend to prepare.

I don't really think they need trimmed, but he might want to file them a little to get her used to him.

We lost one of our barn cats--probably to owls or hawks--#1. These cats break my heart. I don't think I can get another one. (Maybe I'll see if Spokanimal can deliver me a completely feral cat--one that is the color of dead grass).

We moved the surviving sister inside, like she always wanted. I'll have to get a picture of her lounging around on the bed.

Right now we have no barn cats.


  1. Sorry you lost one of your cats. We lost Tom and Tounces (brother and sister) and I have no idea what got them. Our older cats go everywhere at anytime. They hunt way out in the middle of the meadow where anything could get them. The two younger cats only traveled between our house and a little stone building across the lawn yet something happened to Tom last summer and Tounces this summer. It's so sad to call them and not have them show up. We have free range chickens and not one has been killed by a predator but they are locked up at night. We try to get the cats in at night now.
    Glad Beautiful seems to be better.

  2. Cats come and go here. I don't get attatched. People dump them off and we feed them until they leave one way or the other. Trouble our old house kitty does not go outside. He would have a coronary if we would dare ask him to touch the grass with his precious feet. Love him to pieces.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your cat. I learned at a young age not to get attached to the barn cats. It's very hard though.

  4. Thanks everyone, for your support about the barn cat. I think I'll just adopt feral ones from here on out. They'll have a better shot!


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