Friday, October 31, 2008

Palisades Park

Hi everyone. I wanted to send out an invitation to join Palisades Park residents at an all day Fun Day this Saturday. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend.

If you're not familiar with the park, it's a good time to meet people and learn the way around. Preservation of Palisades is important to me. My husband and I serve on their board and volunteer some of our time to help keep the park up, but Robbi & Vic Castlebury are the power behind keeping it going.

So, a big thanks to them for all they do so we can enjoy it with our horses, walking, or riding bikes. The view of the city of Spokane from there is spectactular!

Here are the details:

Palisades Fun Fall Event
Date: 2008-11-01
Contact: Castleberry's 624-8384
Location: Palisades Park
Description: MARK YOUR CALENDARS! PALISADES FUN FALL EVENT Please come, meet neighbors and friends and enjoy the fall colors of Palisades Park.
There will be a "Munchie Gathering" afterwards at the home of Joy and Chris Hicks starting at 4pm. If you are unable to partiacipate in one of the events, please come to the "Munchie Gathering". Phone: 747-4637 Address:6204 W Greenwood

We will have three venues that you can enjoy.

1. Horseback Ride: meet at 11 am at Craig Volosings. Because some people have already removed shoes for the winter, we will ride mostly on non rocky trails. It will a fun, follow the leader ride, changing leaders along the way. Phone: 747-5273 Address: 510 N Grove

2. Bike Ride: meet at the home of Babs and Phil Robinson at 1pm. Tour around Palisades Park. Phone: 835-3880 Address: 1423 N Grove Rd

3. Walking tour: Meet at the home of Susan Dar at 1pm and enjoy walking in the fall colors of Palisades Park Phone:838-4547 Address: 2302 N Houston

Afterwards join everyone for the "Munchies Gathering". Bring something to munch on and something to drink. Palisades will provide coffee.



  1. This sounds like an amazing day for a beautiful park. Wishing you sunny skies and a good time, raising my coffee cup in an East Coast toast.


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