Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Water

Well, it happened again--after installing a new pump and panel--it shorted out again and we have been without water since Friday!!! So much for those new automatic waterers--if you don't have water, you're out of luck.

We've had our grandchildren for the weekend, so it has been like camping around here.--we've made it fun, but I sure could appreciate some water out of the tap about now--showers, cooking, laundry--it all piles up.

The company we use won't be out until tomorrow, so let's hope it gets fixed yet again.

We have had fun with the horses today. I took the grandkids on a ride around the property and we fed and petted the horses.

Cowgirl was colicky yesterday, but a little Banamine cured it. I think one of the grandkids accidently fed her some moldy hay we'd set aside. She's fine today.

Beautiful loves the grandkids and treats them gently. She seems to understand, like the other horses, that they're more vulnerable.

What a beautiful day today!! It would have been a perfect for a really long trail ride. I know the Mustang club met yesterday, and I would have loved to have rode with them, but with our company and also the colic that Cowgirl went through yesterday, it kept me busy. (One day I'll be taking my grandkids on these rides, too!!--they're in training now.)

Hope you've all had a great weekend with your horses.

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