Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nice Weather, But We Need Water

Last night my husband brought his little tractor in and dug out Beautiful's stall. Then, he brought in fresh dirt to completely redo it. It was the only answer. The free-choice hay helped quite a bit, but she needed a fresh start in there. And, I'm sure she loves the soft dirt under the woodchips.

Today I'm heading out for a trail ride. It's cool, you can see your breath, and the breath of the horses, but the sun is up and it's clear skies.

I love the weather, late October days up in the 60's, but this drought is severe. Everything's turning to dirt around our house and if you dig just a little bit under the surface it's powdery--no water to pack it down. Horse's hooves are hard on pastures. All the other fields I see are the same way.

Next year, we're going to have to put sprinklers on some of it--maybe those big Rainbirds. Does anyone have any suggestions about irrigating?


  1. Found it!

    She's the light one, slightly off to the right.

    No problems with drought on this side of the hill. Flip side is mud. Too bad we can't find a happy medium, eh?

  2. Thanks, Tracey--If you ever find more pictures of her--the ones from Ride the West, please send them my way. It's amazing to me that you went to Burns, OR and took those pictures. It's hard for me to believe Beautiful was there in October and I didn't even have an inclination I'd be adopting her in May. Funny how life works.


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