Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bone Density

Has anyone noticed their Mustangs putting on a lot of "bone"?

It seems like Beautiful has--compared to other yearlings I've raised.
The other thing I've noticed is that she's not as hungry as she used to be. Remember when I used to write that she just never got enough to eat? It's not like that anymore. She seems satisified now with a small flake of hay.

She has been on her diet for about a week, and her neck is already starting to feel better.

I'm going to include her picture from the auction last may until now--5 months later--as a before and after comparison.

I can't wait until her double-sided mane grows back! She lost it during the transition for a reason I never figured out. I think it was the stress of a new environment--and maybe she had a worm load. She's been on a regular worming rotation since arriving, so I'm sure that makes a big difference.


  1. Linda, she looks so good! She is going to become a beautiful horse! (as she is a beautiful baby!)

  2. She's looking good! I rode with an absolutely gorgeous horse from Beaty's Butte today. Beautiful looks like she's going to fill out like this mare and look very much like a sturdy stock horse.

    It's funny you bring this up, on the last two rides I've been on people have commented on Tonka's huge legs. I'm so used to them I don't think about it much, but he is a sturdy guy.

    Mustangs sure do have a good foundation to stand on. :)

  3. Our guys all have good legs. Rusty is the youngest one we have and is about 4. She has slowed her eating down too. We think its because she finally realized she does not have to be in a pecking order to eat. She was off for a couple of days but is eating well now, just not as fast or as much as she has since we got her here in August.

  4. Thanks everyone. I'd love to see the Beaty's Butte mustang you rode with!!

    I'm thinking Beautiful needed some major nutrition when we adopted her because she was always starving. She'd just go crazy for food.

    She's getting a little too lazy. I'll have to write about it in tomorrow's blog after I work with her a little more. I think she's almost too laid back right now.

  5. My horse, Chico, is from Beaty's Butte. I'll post my favorite Chico picture on my blog tonight (


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