Tuesday, October 28, 2008

BLM Calls

Good Morning, everyone.

Well, I got my first call from the BLM yesterday. They asked if 1.) I still have the Mustang I adopted last Spring, 2.) Is she at the same address I have listed, 3.) Have there been any health problems, and 4.) Is she gentle yet.

Of course, I told them all about the hoof issues, and I asked if they'd had any other input from people who adopted the yearlings who were with Beautiful and had the same issues. However, she was just hired to make the phone calls, and really didn't know anything about Mustangs. She directed me to Angela Link--who I called and have left a message for.

Off that subject, we've been working on the barn--stall dividers, as I showed you in the last post--but I didn't mention the amount of noise associated with cutting the boards. My husband set up his work area directly in front of Beautiful's stall. To our amazement, when he started cutting, all the other animals ran out of the barn except Beautiful. A shiver went down her entire body, but she stood there watching, like always, big-eyed and curious.

I am so happy about that--as it shows the temperment I always look for in horses--the stand-there-and-don't-kill-yourself-with-fright type. I look for that in horses, but not all of my horses have it. In fact, my main riding horse, Cowboy, was exact opposite of that type of horse. He was a flip-around-and-run-the-opposite-direction-as-fast-as-you-can horse. Now he's a modified version of the same.

I'm excited for Beautiful to grow up and get saddle trained--but I have a couple of years to wait.

I have another thing on my mind today--I really wish I had an outdoor arena here. We have plenty of land for it, and it's on my list of things to do, but it seems to be coming so slow. By the time this ranch is like we want it, I will have developed a lot of patience--but I'll also be OLD.


  1. Thanks for stopping over at my blog to say hello. And I hear you about having the money for everything. I have always wanted a farm of my own but I spend so much on boarding that I never seem to be able to save enough :P I hope that you get your arena some day...and your stalls are looking great!

  2. You guys are gaining alot faster then we are! I had to restretch all the fences this year, still need to replace a couple railroad ties, that snow sure did a number on out fences. Looking good!!!

  3. I got a voice mail from the BLM yesterday asking me those same questions. I have a call in for Angela Link as well. It seems like they think I only adopted one mustang.

    I'm going to feel like such an idiot when I tell her Echo isn't halter broke yet.

    I wonder if they are going to come out for the inspection soon? I hope the person who comes out is a horse person and not a desk jockey. When they delivered Echo, the BLM guy told me Wildairo looked good. The guy also was familiar with Beaty's Butte and described it to me.

  4. Hey...I'm glad you signed up as a follower over at my blog because...well, I've got photos of Beautiful! Give me a couple days and I'll try to dig them out. I always love when I come across a blog and find a horse I've photographed at adoptions or even down in Burns.

    I'll have to read back and find out what issues you've had with her feet. We've got a BB 2 year old I brought home in June. No issues, though.

  5. The arena will come Linda. Mine has the fence but needs better footing that we have been working on forever it seems AND you won't be old. Only if you think you are. Years don't mean anything. I saw a gal today I usually only see once a year or so and she said "Are you still riding". I felt the steam start from my years. But I nicely said Sure, why wouldn't I? She did not have an answer.

  6. Woohoo--pictures of Beautiful--I never have enough of those!! And you take such good ones. PLEASE send them my way!!! Thank you---thank you!!!

    Arlene--why would they be surprised Echo isn't halter broke?? You just got him--you're doing great!!! I worry that they'll come for their location visit on a day Beautiful has mussed up her stall--which would pretty much be every day!!

    Lea--You're a tough lady--I want to be like you.

    Thanks for the compliments, Tina!!

    And, welcome On the Bit--I like your blog.


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