Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beautiful Tears Up Her Carpet

I've blogged before that you can take the Mustang out of the wild, but you can't fully take the wild out of the Mustang. Now I know it's true.

I started Beautiful on her diet about a week ago, but each day I went into the barn her stall was an absolute mess and she'd dug holes into the bedding with her hooves.

Well, I finally put it together today--she's digging down for food.

Last year, we kept the goats in that same stall--then converted it for a horse--then for Beautiful after her surprise adoption.

The goats had made this thick mat of straw that covered the whole 12x12 floor and was almost impossible to dig through. So, I decided to leave it down there and cover it with thick woodchips. It really was a great natural matting--soft, and wicked away the moisture.

It worked well all of this time, until Beautiful figured out there's food mixed into that mat. Now she's digging into it with her hooves like she would in the wild.

The way I'm going to solve this problem is by giving her free choice grass hay with a small amount of the richer alfalfa/grass combination we've put up for the winter. I'll give her a skinny flake of the alfalfa/grass morning and night--along with her vitamins--and free-choice grass.

We'll see if she stops tearing up the floor.


  1. Interesting that Beautiful reverted to an instinctual behavior from living in the wild. Nice to see, in a way, a little of that part of her personality.

    (Had a problem with Blogger Comment, not sure if this comment already went!)

  2. Echo digs as well. Where his hay falls on the ground, he digs down through the hard dirt and rocks looking for more. I have fallen in his horse holes!

  3. Some horses are funny that way. I think the free choice will work well.


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