Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beautiful Gets Another Trim

We have water again. They came out and pulled up the pump and it turns out they had nicked the wires while lowering it down last month. That is the second time it happened, so they reinforced the wires with a special tubing and put a new one down the well. Unfortunately, the short wiped out the whole system--panel and pump, which required everything new be installed.

My normal farrier came out today, to do all the horses and Beautiful, and he got her backs done this time. She was great. He was impressed with how far she let's him pull her legs up for the trim. And, he was super impressed with how gentle and sweet she is--and how much she loves humans.

I had a long conversation with him about what he thinks caused the hoof issues in that group of colts based upon how Beautiful is doing now. I explained that they'd been captured in August and adopted in May--so the rest of the time they were in the pens.

He said it's most likely a man-made problem. He guesses that they were running on hard ground that summer--digging in their hooves and wearing down toe--then plopped into a pen where they grew their heels straight up because there was no natural trimming like they'd get in the wild.

He said again that she is steep in the front, but he didn't think it was unnatural or would cause her any long term conformation problems. He pointed out that she's in a big growth spurt right now judging by how high her hind is compared to her shoulder--and a little toeing in and goofy footedness is to be expected until they get all of that together.

So, I guess I won't worry about her feet anymore--I just get to enjoy her.

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  1. I enjoy reading about Beautiful. Somehow your posts take me somewhere new. I'm glad her feet are okay, and you get to enjoy her now!


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