Monday, October 6, 2008

Beautiful & The Automatic Waterer

My husband and I spent part of our day putting up rails around the new double, automatic waterers. He got them installed about a month ago, but hadn't figured out how he wanted to extend the runs to incorporate them. So, only a few of the animals had access to them.--Beautiful did not.

The plan he came up with, and which he now regrets, was to sink railroad ties into the ground for posts and build up rails around the waterers. All in all, he sank 29 railroad ties. And, the grand total for this project was about $1,300.

While we were putting up the rails this afternoon, he stopped and thought it over and realized he would have been better off to have bought metal panels and had them customized for the waterers by a welder. It would have been easier and cheaper.

I've been trying to help him look on the bright side--one of which would be that we now have 29 solid posts on which to tie our horses. And, let me tell you, they'll last longer than the house will!

Beautiful was the first to get access to her new waterer, and she went right to it like she couldn't wait to take a big drink. If you've ever been around them before, they work like a toilet--if you empty it, it fills back up to the same level.

She was on high alert, but she wasn't as frightened as I would have thought she would be. And, when it filled up, she stopped and looked down at it for a second and then resumed a long, long drink.

She reminds me of Bambi--everything's new, but she's eager to learn.


  1. What a beautiful blog you have here! Not only am I enjoying reading about Beautiful (such a positive name), but I really like your attitude about life, observations & lessons and such. Will definitely be back, and happy riding to you!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment! I've gotten more from the blogging community than they've received from me, I'm sure--but Beautiful has reaped the benefits!


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