Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sad to say, but I haven't got in many trail rides this week. I was on my way out to the truck Wednesday to trailer up and meet a friend, but when I got there, I saw my keys locked in and dangling from the ignition. My husband had the only other key and he was at work in meetings until 1:00.

So, I called my friend and canceled, then came in the house and realized I didn't have WATER!! Ayyyy! No water means you're in a world of hurt. We had just planted 10 new trees--mature trees--the night before. They needed water and lots of it. The animals needed water in their automatic waterers. The showers, toilets, dishwasher, cooking, & cleaning--everything came to a halt.

We were not strangers to this since our water had just gone out a month before and they replaced the pump. So, we called them out and today, Friday, we finally got water again. However, we are out about $2,500 due to the cost of a new panel. (It's always something!!!)

So, after dealing with that, today I just went out and tried to organize the barn, clean stalls, clean the house here, clean myself, water trees and plants, etc. It was catch up.

Beautiful is so sweet when I clean her stall. I know I've said it a hundred times, but those eyes and the way she looks over the half door at me--CUTE!! Her stall is next to the barn cats and they're buds. When I was holding up one of her back feet, one of the kitties, #42, walked right under her and sat where her foot should be. Beautiful didn't blink an eye--but I had to manage moving the kitty and balancing her hoof. :):)

Her back feet are way too long now, so I'm really anxious for the female farrier to get here and take care of them. I wish I knew how to do it myself. I'll feel much better when they're taken care of properly.

Beautiful does have odd conformation. Sometimes when she stands just so--the leg that has the club foot looks odd. It almost looks like the shoulder is out of joint--but it's not. When she shifts it looks normal again. It does make me wonder about that joint though--if there isn't too much movement in it--like people who are double jointed.

I'm going to look it up on the internet right now.


  1. I know how it feels to be out of water. It's awful! We have a very weird system and it gets plugged up with tree roots at least a couple times a year. Luckily I can easily bypass it with a hose, so we're never totally out of water for more than a few hours.

    I bet it feels so good to be clean and have the horses and trees watered. Catching up on dishes and laundry, not so much fun...

    I hope there's nothing wrong with Beautiful's shoulder. Maybe she's just in an awkward phase in her growth.

  2. You know, I think that when a horse stands in an awkward position for a long time, muscles atrophy, and it takes a long time to build them back up. Maybe the muscles around the shoulder are just weak--super weak--and not supporting the shoulder like on a normal horse.

    When her feet are finally taken care of and she's on a normal schedule, it will be interesting to see how her conformation changes.

    To tell you the truth, I'm not as optimistic as my farrier that her hooves will be just fine in the long run. Everything I read about club foot sounds bad.

    I'm just going to enjoy the time I have with her and do my best. My farrier believes that the healing power of horses is great--I haven't had that experience, except with Cowboy's P3 fracture, but maybe I'm too much of a pessimist.


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