Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Other Girl

There's no shortage of horses around my house! So, there's always one that needs riding.

Today was Cia, my 3 year old filly's, 8th day of training in the last 2 months. My good friend, Katie, was kind enough to take some pictures of me riding her in the roundpen--the last is of backing her up.

She's starting to be a lot of fun to ride!

Hard to believe, but one day Beautiful will be under saddle, too. I can't wait!!!

I LOVE my horses!!!

We were talking today about how expensive they are with hay and farrier costs--not to mention vet, etc. But they're not a hobby--they're LIFE. They're a part of the family.
There are days, when the $$$ are tight, and we look around and think how can we downsize--but I couldn't let go of one of my babies--not even my little pony, Jasmine. I'd get a job sweeping streets to keep these animals--though there's no such job anymore, is there?? I guess the equivalent would be a janitor. LOL.
I don't know, if it gets too bad, I might renew my teaching license in WA and go back to work. I've had the privilege of staying home while my kids are young, but they're getting older now--so I might have to rethink things. If costs go up much more, it may become a necessity.

Things happen for a reason, and you have to go with the flow, but I do think it's important to latch onto your passions and NEVER let them go. Horses are that for me.


  1. I found your pictures!! LOL Cia is going to be a great horse for you, she's a smart big filly.

  2. Cia is beautiful! My sister fell in love with her too.


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