Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Latest

Well, Monday is Beautiful's trim. We'll definitely get those back feet because she's doing GREAT!

A couple of days ago she had a puffy eye when I went out there. I think it was from all the dust blowing around and then bothered by the flies. So, I put her fly mask back on. Today it was about the same, but at least it's not worse.
She's really sweet. Loves to be petted and worked with and FED.

She's next to the pony now and they love to taunt each other. I think they're starting to like each other in their own way. And, I think the pony, Jasmine, gets a little jealous of Beautiful when I work with her--which is a good thing. It makes it easier for me to work with Jasmine afterward. Jasmine is super sweet, too--but doesn't like to get caught in a big pasture. She's doing a lot better at letting me approach her in a large pen and catch her. I'm very optimistic.

The barn cats are funny. Their names are #1 and #42. #42 is very confused about the "barn" in barn cat. She really wants to be a house cat. See the pictures of her journey above. :) Her sister is the good little girl under the wheelbarrow who always stays in the barn like she should!


  1. That is so funny, my barn cats are getting confused also! The grey one Scooter keeps climbing on our screen door, like let me in!! I am glad Jasmine is doing well, she is a sweet little girl.

  2. Our farm cats think the 'farm' part of their title includes 'farmhouse'. We gave up years ago trying to toss them out. The hard part comes when it's bitter cold and they stand by the French doors looking pitiful.
    Good luck on Monday. I don't even want to think about farriers and trims because I'm still traumatised from the last ordeal. lol Echo digs like a little terrier in the rocks so I'm hoping he's keeping his feet trimmed a bit. (Wishful thinking).


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