Monday, September 29, 2008

Got the Back Feet Done

Beautiful finally got her back feet trimmed today. My female farrier, Tully, came by and did an awesome job with her. She filed off a little in front and took off a lot in back.

She is so good with Beautiful. The front feet were no problem, but when she went for the backs, Beautiful seemed suspicious of the tools. Tully picked up the backs and set them back down several times so that Beautiful would feel comfortable that she could have her feet back if necessary. Also, she found that if she kept busy, Beautiful did better, but when she stopped and looked too long at the feet, she tried to take them back. So, she adjusted and worked fast, and sometime would place the foot back down to give her a mental break.

The only time it got a little hairy was when our barn cat and the dog, Maggie, tried to walk underneath Beautiful just as we were starting to do the work on the backs. She was like, hey, enough is enough and took her foot back! Usually, she tolerates the cats walking under and around her legs even when I'm picking her feet out, but the tools and new person were too much.

Beautiful likes the barn cats--I included pictures of them, too. They hover around her and Beautiful is very cautious with them. If she senses them around her legs, she'll stop and freeze until she can see them again and know that they're out of the way. Even when I'm leading her, if they walk in her path, she stops and bends down to find them before moving on.

She's a good-hearted horse.

Tully gave a wonderful appraisal of her, too. She said the feet are looking great, and she expects that she'll be perfectly sound and rideable someday. She said when she first saw them they were muley, but now they are rounding out and looking better.

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