Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall Rides!!

I love the Fall. I feel like I should be going back to school with my kids! So much of my life revolved around education--my own K-college--then teaching--and finally going back to college again. A lot of time has been spent in school. And, they're all happy memories.

It's the same with Fall horseback rides. I can't get enough of them. We're on a countdown to October and colder weather. Unless we have a milder winter this year--let's hope.

I went on a ride with friends yesterday. The picture of them was taken over my shoulder without looking--thus the weird perspective. The other was taken over my horse Cowboy's head--which is the view I had going down the trail.

The farrier canceled the other day and rescheduled for Saturday, so Beautiful didn't get her feet done. As soon as that happens, I'll post about it.

Happy Fall Trails, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful!! And fun...wish I was there on the ride with you. Love, Mom


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