Monday, September 15, 2008

Beautiful Wild Humanity

Today I was combing Beautiful's bangs, and she's so much like an innocent child. I stood in front of her with a brush, much like a "people" brush. I parted her thick, frizzy bangs and combed them down to each side. She looked like a dork, but she didn't care. She just looked at me with those big eyes--she enjoyed having a buddy groom and pet her.

It wasn't one of those moments where you grab a camera, it was one of those moments where you laugh. We're peopl-fy-ing her--good or bad.

The female farrier had been out earlier and she eye-balled her hooves real quick. She said her pastern angle looks much better, as does the slope of the hoof. She even said that long pasterns, like Beautiful's, could make for a smoothe ride someday. All and all, she was impressed with her progress. So, that was very good.

Last week when we lost our water, it set us behind and I didn't get many trailrides in. Instead, I took a couple walks at Manito Park in Spokane. It's a man-made wonder, really. It restores your faith in human decency--that in 1904 there were people who dedicated themselves to the development of a BEAUTIFUL place we can all go and enjoy for free.

It ties into my thoughts about Beautiful, the mustang, today. As I groomed her and did all of my peoply stuff with her--a different side emerged. This wild, young thing, responded to my humaness just like I did to her wildness and a union of the two occured. When mankind takes the time to cultivate like this, something powerful occurs (on a spiritual level) in the exchange.

(Sidenote: I was standing on the bridge at Manito Park Ponds with my husband, sister and brother-in-law, and there were fish swimming in a group underneath. I was like, "Look, they're just like a herd of horses the way they stay together and interact--there's a herd over there." I believe it was my sister who corrected me that a group of fish is NOT a herd, but a "school". ) he he

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