Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ranch Happenings...

Its been a while since I wrote, but that doesn't mean nothing has been happening around here. When you have horses--there's NEVER a dull moment.

Hmmm..let's see. We had an escape artist--my horse, Cowboy, pushing his way through our weak charged fence. Ground's dry, something's taking off the charge--equals horses at the alfalfa pile. Not good. Had to cut our evening out Friday night short because of a call from Shiloh saying the horses had escaped--(Just Cowboy, though).

I've been having Mike go out with me and pick up Beautiful's feet. Our farrier's coming out next Tuesday, so that will be the TEST. He said I have to be able to pick up all four and tap them with a hammer before he'll get under her again. I can pick up all four--so I'll take out a hammer today and see. :):):) Won't he be surprised? Wink. Wink.

My parents came up to visit and my mom went out with Beautiful and petted on her. I think people find her to be very gentle--and my mom remarked on her kind eye.

Also, I've been working with Jasmine, the pony (picture above). My latest is to let her go in the roundpen and then have her stand so I can rehalter her and take her out. I want to be able to catch her in the pasture. So far, so good. She used to never come to me, now she does within a few minutes. We're getting there.

Another topic: I had a horse die last year from a bad colic--he's the first horse I'd ever had that died. I always thought it would be our 28 year old going on 4 year old horse, Red, but no--it was my baby I'd raised and trained. Broke my heart.

Well, my husband had gone out and cut off his tail for me so I could have it made into something someday, and after reading Nikki's blog yesterday about cremation, I looked up the lady I'd found a year ago that does custom horse hair braiding and FINALLY gave her a call. (I just can't send that precious hair out until I hear a real, live person on the other line.) She's real alright---and a little curious why I thought she wasn't. However, her prices have gone up from $50 to $75 for the bracelet. That's okay, I'm still going to get it done.

Here's a link to her site if any of you are looking for something similar.

Custom Horse Hair Braiding


  1. I loved meeting Beautiful. She is such a sweet little girl and certainly lives up to her name-- it's going to be fun watching her grow up. Our visit was fantastic! Love, Mom

  2. Linda, I have tail hair from my beloved Star that I lost last year too. Had to have her put down. I can't afford to have that done but its braided and in my special things box. She was a big grulla mare from the Pokegama area of Oregon.Don't know if I invited you to our Mustang Horse Club meeting on Friday at 6 at Perkins at Argonne and Mission. Would love to meet you.

  3. I have hairs from all our horses' tails and I was thinking about sending it out for to be made into the horse hair pottery...


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