Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures of Hooves

Beautiful has been doing such a great job of letting me pick up and clean her front feet, I asked my husband to come out and get a picture of them while I had them up this evening.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my pick with me, so the hooves had gotten a little dirty since earlier in the day, and we were in a hurry--so no time to find my pick--which I regret now.

It may be difficult to discern from the picture, but the sole is as hard as a rock--literally. The grooves around the frog go in pretty deep, though the pictures don't really demonstrate it.

Tomorrow I'll get pictures of the outside of the hooves. She's really needing another trim and there is a farrier coming out for another horse--so I'm hoping I can talk her into doing it now that Beautiful is so good about her front feet.

That's my husband petting Beautiful--it's part of her "man" training. I don't want her to develop preferences for women since so many of the helpers who come into her life are of the opposite sex. So, what you see there is "training"--though Beautiful is enjoying herself a little too much! She kept giving him love bites whenever he'd stop and she began to go to him rather than me. So, I'd say it was a success. :)

Here is a link to a website that discusses club foot & another the parts of the hoof:


  1. We were picking up Wildairo's feet tonight. He pulls back with me and I can't move to keep up with him very well, so I had Brad do it with great success. He needs a trim really bad and I'm worried he'll act up for the farrier. He's well behaved with us but he doesn't trust strangers. I'll have to ask the farrier to feed him bran muffins and beer. He sipped some beer out of my hand tonight, he really likes it!

  2. I had to move with her quite a ways when I first picked up her hooves--now she stands pretty still--but that's with me. I don't know if any of this translates to strangers. That's funny about the beer--maybe it's like fermented grain to him. :)

  3. I feel as if I live right next door to you when I read your blog and see the pictures!! Love, Mom

  4. That's funny--you'd probably get an eye full if you really lived right next door! Like today, my blog is about Beautiful's trim--but it neglects to tell the story of my pony breaking out and the hour I spent and all the stupid tricks I tried to catch her. Or, the ten tons of hay that were delivered and Mike unloaded an hour ago. This place is a lot of WORK--and often it feels more like the funny farm. :):):)


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