Monday, August 4, 2008

Colt Starting

Here are some pictures of Cia's training. The trainer is Billy--I believe this was her 4th ride with him. He comes out once a week--every Sunday and works about 30 minutes with her on things we need.

This was the first week Cia packed my heavy western saddle. She did great with it.

She's still learning direction--forward, backup, stop and turn--the basics.

Billy is a wonderful trainer to come out to the house and do this. I like the idea of keeping them home and working them where they're comfortable. He supports what I'm already doing. And, his philosophy is very horse-oriented--if they don't do it right they probably don't understand or they're testing you--but be persistent and consistent and never, never get mad.


  1. I love being able to keep up with what's happening at your place.

  2. Your so lucky to be able to have someone come out like to train. I'm not sure if there's anyone around here who'd do that. That is a good idea! I'm still waiting to her back from our farrier.

  3. In colt starting, don’t be in a hurry or rush anything. Take all the time you need to. Remember it takes patience to produce the best performance horses.


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