Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Equestrian Artist: Brenna Tyler

"I enjoy creating pieces that are
unusual, with organic qualities,
textures, and unpredictable

A few years ago my husband and I took a drive to Joseph, Oregon for the day. What a great little town with cute shops and restaurants--right near the Wallowa Forest with the enchanted deer who eat out of your hands. (Maybe it's something in the water).

While we were browsing the art galleries, I came across a series of paintings and sculptures that really spoke to my heart about horses--and they were produced by the same artist, Brenna Tyler.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the money for that kind of purchase right then, but I filed it away so that some day, when I did, I could come back and buy something she'd made.

Well, that day hasn't come, so far. The costs of keeping up a small ranch--feeding the horses--and raising a family are just too much to allow room for "fine art", too. But I did find her website last night and got to read her biography and see what shes been producing up until now. (This is the great thing about the internet--a few years ago when I saw her art--I couldn't find a website for it--so this is a real thrill!)

Come to find out--she's a horse-lover. It makes sense, after experiencing her pieces up close and personal--they spoke to me because she too has relationships with horses. I mean look at that painting with the two horses intertwined--who of us who has multiple horses hasn't seen the love between them when they mutual groom in the early evenings?

So, my question is--do you think she'd take payments??

Here is the link to her site and samples of her art:

Here is a quote from her site:

Brenna and her family continue to live on a working
cattle ranch in eastern Oregon. The connection
Brenna has with horses is innate. The experience
she has with horses comes from her lifestyle. It
extends from professionally schooling, boarding,
breeding, selling, and participating in polo, rodeo,
hunt seat, western, and dressage. She also worked
as a riding instructor and vet assistant for annual
para mutual horse racing. Horses have always
played an important role within her family. They are
often involved when her family and friends spend
time together. The ranch horses are crucial for
transportation and success in working cattle as well
as pleasure riding and show time. Some of the
horses Brenna knows are not just assets; they
are part of her family.


  1. Hi Linda: Don't know if Brenna accepts installments, but it never hurts to ask. I think she might've been a participant at the Wallowa Valley Arts Council annual "quick draw" event that's held annually on the first Friday evening in April--usually in Joseph. You can find out more at the Arts Council website, (probably need to copy & paste to your browser).
    --Heather, longtime art support in Wallowa County

  2. Wow! I love her stuff. I especially like the dark horses painting, but that one of the red horse and the black horse reminds me of my two horses Bella and Mack. They're always loving on each other. I'm heading to her website now to check it out. I can't afford it I'm sure, but it will be fun to look.


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