Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cat Rescue

I know we talk a lot about horse rescue--but how about CAT rescue?

When I've been in my barn I've seen lots of MICE lately--so I realized I have a need for "BARN CATS."

I looked on Craigslist--didn't find any--and then I got on the website for Spokanimal. As I flipped through their list they were all tagged "animal cruelty--animal cruelty--animal cruelty" and they had the same capture date of August 1, 2008. I thought--hmmmm...were these the cats I saw briefly on the news?? (I got into the story late and only caught the "tail" end).

As I looked down I found #1 & #42--sisters sleeping together-and I got right on the phone to see if they were still there. Sure enough, they were and they wanted them to stay together.

I adopted them over the phone and I'm going to pick them up tonight after 5:00.

They have many more cats in need of homes that were seized from a cat "hoarder"-- apparently some were in bad condition, but doing much better now. Because of this, they gave me the two sisters for $52.00 which included spaying, rabies, vaccinations, micro-chip, and license. They are usually $75.00 per cat. So, this was an awesome deal and I am just THRILLED to go pick up my new babies.

I'm going to keep them in a special tall cat-cage I have until they acclimate and then release them in the barn. Here is the information on the case from the Spokesman-Review:

Animal-hoarding case investigated

An animal-hoarding investigation involving dozens of cats seized from a Spokane home last week is expected to be sent to the prosecutor's office today, according to SpokAnimal.

The target of the investigation is a longtime cat advocate. Penny McIntosh works with several cat rescue shelters and obtained most of the 85 cats seized Friday at her home at 2812 W. Sharp Ave. through the rescues, said Gail Mackie, SpokAnimal executive director. All but one of the felines had health problems that seemed to clear up when removed from the home, Mackie said.

Officials sent four seized dogs to foster homes, four of the cats to the original rescue organization and one back to its owner, who Mackie said was having McIntosh care for it. An unknown number of cat carcasses have yet to be removed from the home, where conditions were "deplorable," Mackie said.

The other 80 cats are being housed at SpokAnimal. Mackie asks anyone wishing to donate things such as cat litter to call (509) 534-8133, ext 207.



  2. Yes, I'm excited. That will take us up to 4 cats--2 at the house and 2 at the barn--all girls. You just have to love cats because they are so low maintenance and do BIG work around here.

  3. Would you be interested in the Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club? We have a yahoo site. Or contact me on my blog Lea and her Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Lea--you are well-known to me already. In fact, you are pictured in this blog early on. I consider you and Bob the mustang gurus of this area. I meant to get ahold of you guys early on with my training--I wanted to come out and see your yearlings before they left for the auctions--but did not make it in time. I do want to make it out to your place as we both live in the West Plains, so it's close. I didn't know you had a blog, but I'll go and read it. Thanks for stopping by! :) Linda

  5. That is so funny, I just got 2 barn cats. As we were cleaning hay there were some monster mice! Thought that cats would clear the problem. They are so cute and funny! Good luck with them!

  6. There is a garter snake that takes care of the mice up in the mountains! I saw him/her? the other day with a mouse in his/her mouth! Your kitties are very pretty! My little female, Daisy, is a real hunter-killer. She has a pile of "dead things" out in the garage (her stash)...mice, gophers, birds, even a baby rabbit! She only weighs 5 pounds, but she's all muscle and teeth!


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