Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beautiful Gets a Second Trim

Today another farrier, Tully Kasparek, came out to trim a horse at my barn. The trim went so quick that she had time left over to look at Beautiful and take off a little heel--IF (and this was a BIG if) Beautiful was to stand good and let her get it done so she could make it to her other appointment.

When she first walked in it didn't look good. Beautiful knew immediately that she belonged to that category to be feared--STRANGERS! Even though she was a nice lady with a smile on her face and a rasp behind her back--Beautiful pulled away with her head high.

Tully took a few moments to pet on her and reassure her. When she went for her feet, Beautiful backed off and wouldn't let her get them. I kept a somewhat tight hold on her lead rope. Then, I thought, hmmmm....it probably appears to her that I'm penning her in. I let the lead go slack and stood way back--and she stopped and let Tully pick up her feet.

There was one point early on where she pulled back and took her foot--the digging out of the soul made a funny sound that she wasn't used to, but we got her back and she let Tully do all her work on the front feet: cleaning, nipping off edges, rasping, and a little lesson about how to maintain her hooves myself until the next farrier appointment.

Beautiful went to sleep a bit during most of it.

I was so PROUD, PROUD, PROUD of her!!! I've had her less than three months and she was so insecure, but she let a stranger trim her feet!!! Talk about being proud of your kids--I couldn't have been happier. Tully was impressed, too.

We didn't get her back feet yet--she said they're long, but not critical. We have some time with those and a little rasping will help until a farrier can get to them. So, I'm off to buy a rasp.

Beautiful has turned into our little baby. We love her so much. My husband and I are just amazed at how much she desires human contact now. After I get those back feet there really isn't another vital element to her training. From then on it will be improving on what we already have.

I feel so much stress off me to be at this point.


  1. Wildairo's big day with the farrier is tomorrow and I'm so nervous. We practised again today picking his feet up. Brad was really pleased the way he let him hold his feet, which are as big as dinner plates. As we were going out the gate, Brad went back to Wildairo and lifted up a front hoof and he was even wearing a halter! We feel like you do about our Mustang. We all love him so much.

  2. I bet he's going to do great! It sounds like he can go a while without a trim if he has hooves like that. That's a blessing. :):)


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