Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Happened While We Were On Vacation

We just got back from our summer vacation to Houston, TX to see our kids and new grand-daughter. What a beautiful baby--like all of the grandchildren (My husband has good genetics--wink--wink!!!) I'm hoping we have another horse-crazy girl in the making--one who wants to come to visit us and ride wild mustangs through the wheat fields.

Well, while we were gone a friend took care of our horses for us, and on the first day she got kicked by my Mustang. Apparently, she was feeding her in her stall and while Beautiful was eating her hay she poured the grain. From what I understand, the sound of the grain startled her and she kicked up and got her right in the elbow--HARD. My poor friend had to go to the emergency room for x-rays, but luckily, there was no break.

I guess it's just a reminder that she is, afterall, wild, but I wish it happened to me rather than to my friend.

Also during our trip, on the last night, a wind-storm came through and blew down the electric tape (that's why I prefer smoothe-wire). My friend found it at about 9:30 at night and lucky for us, our horses were still in the pasture. I kept one horse locked up while we were gone just for such an emergency. If the mares are locked up, the geldings won't leave.

So, now I need to unpack and get out there and clean stalls. We also have some serious mowing to do. The weather is still windy though, kind of depressing.


  1. Thanks for the welcome--it's always good to get home and take care of things--but we wish we could have brought Rebekah, Matt and Laura with us, too. Of course, they wouldn't have wanted to come--they love their home down there. :):) We're still going to Walla Walla this Thursday if you guys want to meet us there. :):)

  2. Linda, I nominated you for this award!

    Just follow the instructions on this page!

    Thank you for doing such an enjoyable blog!

  3. What a beautiful little girl! I can imagine it was hard to leave her and come back home.

    Have you ever looked into HorseGuard fence? It's safe, and it doesn't blow off in a windstorm. I love ours.


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