Monday, July 7, 2008

Kitty Lauman: Groundwork for Success

I want to recommend Kitty Lauman's Video: Groundwork for Success, as well as, From Wild to Willing, for anyone who is training any horse--domestic or wild. You will not be disappointed and you'll wish you'd done it long ago.

I finally got to put my over-priced Parelli carrot stick to good use. (If you want to buy a "carrot stick", it's fine to buy it from their site, but it will cost you $36.00 plus shipping and mine did not arrive for 3 weeks. A friend of mine bought hers on eBay and it turned out just as nice, a little lighter, and cost her $16.00--arrived in a few days. I have something very similar, but red, I bought many years ago, before Parelli stuff was popular, but it doesn't have a leather end or a rope on the end--probably cost me 8 bucks).

But for keeping a horse quiet (which I want to do because of Beautiful's feet), and creating a partnership--there's no one better than Kitty Lauman to teach it to you. She uses many of the same tools you already own in a different way, and she's so wonderfully positive.

Beautiful is to the point now where she loves to see me coming--she wants the company. She's near the horses, but not right next to any of them. She has the goats as neighbors. And, I think this has worked out well because of her need for companionship. It also makes it that much more important to go out and spend time with her. As her need for my companionship increases, so does her tolerance level for my "games". Things move more quickly all the time.

Yesterday I kissed her on the nose and she jumped back--but then came back and put her nose out for me again.

She's still not totally comfortable when you touch her when she doesn't expect it. She's young and not a confident horse, which works against me, but she wants my friendship, which works for me.

My focus now is flagging her--getting her to move in both directions and disengage the hind to face me and the flag, flagging her all over her body, and picking up her front and back feet with the end of the rope to prepare for the next trim. I'm not sure which day that will be, but I know it's coming soon--possibly this Wednesday--I have to check our calendar.

Today I'm going out to ride Cowboy. I had a bad dream last night that I took him to the vet for some procedure and it went bad--he got a "blood clot" (Remember, it was a whacky dream) and the vet put him down (euthanized him). Later in the dream I discovered it was the vet's fault and they offered me my money back, but I was screaming at them--I WANT MY HORSE BACK!!! Apparently, I was talking in my sleep and woke myself up at that point!! Crazy dreams--he's alive and well, right outside of the window here, as I write.

Oh, another thing. Our fence blew over on the 4th of July!!!! We thought the concrete forms had stabilized it enough, but NO. My son, Coleman, came down and said, hey mom, the fence is down. I went out of here like a bat out of hell with a lead rope and carrot in hand---caught Shadow the leader--and took them all to the barn. Since then we made legs for the fence and we're setting them in concrete--a hurricane won't knock the new fence down!!

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