Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Girl Got a Bath!

Beautiful got her first bath--but no pictures--my picture girl left for vacation. LOL. I can tell you, it wasn't easy!

The way I've always gotten my colts to take baths is to put them on a lunge line and work them in a circle with the water, like I do with a lunge whip.

This method relies on them going forward by spraying them, at the onset, on the hind.

Well, Beautiful is adept at making tried and true techniques seem silly. What did she do?? She put her butt up against the side of the barn and wouldn't move forward.

The up side?

She wanted to come to me for reassurance. This was good. And, after a little lovin', she stood and let me spray her--partially.

That's as far we got tonight--I let her rest in fresh woodchips. Tomorrow morning I'll go out and do it again and see what she learned. I'll take my husband out to take pictures. :):)

See you tomorrow!

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