Monday, July 14, 2008

First Ride on Cia

Tonight I took my first ride on my 3 year old filly, Cia. She's still extremely green and just starting to learn direction, but the groundwork had paid off. She accepts me in the saddle and she bends real nice and gives to the bit.

All of this was done in the roundpen, where we'll be for a while.

I'm going out later to work with Beautiful Girl again. She has another farrier appointment in the morning.

I'm back from Beautiful Girl. What a day. I've been out with the horses from morning to night. I took a long ride on Cowboy, my P3 recovery miracle, then rode my filly, Cia--and lastly, had a wonderful experience with Beautiful!

Whenever I approach Beautiful, I always do so with halter in hand and ask her to let me put it on from the front of her head first. If she doesn't take it, which she never has, I rope her with the long rope. When she's secured with the long rope, I work it around her face until she allows me to put it on from the front.

Tonight, I walked right up and she let me put it on like it was nothing.

So, that was it for me. I melted. I spent the rest of our time loving on her and letting her sniff my hat an hair.

I love that girl!

PS. Her mane is starting to grow back! I really think she had a worm load and the stress from changing environments allowed them to take over. She has had two good wormings now, and I think things are coming under control. She also has grain every day and Horse Guard vitamins. I took away her Selenium Salt Block and replaced it with a plain one. I can't wait to see what she's like when she's in good health with good feet.


  1. I'm glad you've had such a good day. Love the picture. Mom

  2. Nice pictures. Did you do all the training with Cia yourself? How did you get her to bow like that? That's very impressive.

  3. No. I bought Cia last year, and the girl who had her did the bowing trick. I'm not that talented and would never have thought about it! The girl who had trained her said she had saddled her and sat on her once, but then got a job out of town. I bought her in August and she couldn't lope a circle without falling. She had been out on pasture for 9 months with nothing and her leg went through a cattle grate. She has gnarly, gnarly leg injury and that leg ended up pointing out. Her front hooves are horrendous, too. So, my farrier has worked hard to get her sounds. She has to be trimmed a lot. I worked her last summer--basic saddling, lunging, bending, etc. Then, started her again lightly this spring--progressed to heavy training last week--and hired a guy to get on her the first time last Sunday. I should have done it, but he offered, and he was cheap, so I let him. He got on and did some basic bending, and then I took over on Monday. She's an easy one because she has been handled so much since birth. The girl who I bought her from, bred her mother (her main horse) to get her and was there from the time she hit the ground--so she's very bonded to humans. She's the polar opposite of a mustang.

  4. She's lovely. I'm glad to hear she got over her leg injury. Wow, she went through a lot. I wouldn't even know how to start teaching a horse to bow.

    I've never been the first one on a horse. I've only owned one untrained horse and I sent him off for 30 days basic training. When I was younger I used to ride friends very green horses for them and get them used to thing's like heavy traffic. I was fearless back then. Now I'm so different.

    Wildairo acts like a domestic raised horse, I can't believe it. I'm wondering what he'll do when he see's the world outside of his corral. Wildairo's not like this because of the way I've 'trained' him, it's just the way he is. I was looking back to the Wildairo's first week in my blog and you can see he's letting Brad pet him and pick up his rope. He was also eating grain right away. I just hope it's not all too good to be true and he turns into a little monster when he leaves his pen. lol. We'll see what happens when the farrier comes to see him for the first time.

  5. Nice pictures! You both look great.
    It sounds like your Beautiful Girl is really coming around and starting to trust you. That's wonderful!


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